Blockchain Press Release Distribution

Blockchain Press Release Distribution

If you’re interested in growing your business and staying current with changing technological trends, you’ve probably thought about cryptocurrency. You may have already taken steps to accept Bitcoin payments from customers. You’ve heard the term “blockchain,” and probably have a general grasp on what it means.

Although it’s primary use is as a shared database for verifying Bitcoin transactions, blockchain has potential far beyond this application. Several diverse industries are researching how to use blockchain to protect digital copyrights and drive down maintenance costs.

Blockchain is set to disrupt the Entertainment and Aerospace Industries.

The fight against digital piracy has had a major impact on the entertainment industry since the advent of file sharing and streaming. Media companies are looking into ways to use blockchain technology to their advantage. One exciting development is the advent of Digimarc, a type of digital barcode that can be used in conjunction with blockchain technology to watermark music or video files.

The aerospace industry is also catching on. Blockchain has the potential to drive down costs by allowing engineers quick access to shared history and maintenance logs. Experts say blockchain could have a meaningful impact on the industry within two years.

So you’ve hopped on the Blockchain Train. What next?

Whether you are utilizing a blockchain to verify Bitcoin payments, or implementing the technology as a database or security system, an important next step is getting the word out.

PR Distribution™ can create a professionally written press release that is guaranteed to be picked up by major news networks. We are a trusted source by Business InsiderForbesMicrosoft Insider, and other major players in the media. That means that when potential customers search for information on blockchain, they will see your product or service cited by a credible source.

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