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What We Can Learn from Richard Branson and Global Press Release Distribution

Sir Richard Branson and his space flight with Virgin Galactic is talked about everywhere in the media and social media. He is a master at getting attention. Here are just some of his feats, albeit not all tactful, at generating buzz for his companies: Virgin Atlantic (1984)Branson kicked off the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s new routes […]

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Why Agencies and Companies Send Press Releases in 2021

Crafting a press release is an important component of a PR strategy. Within your company’s wider PR and marketing strategy, press releases can be one of the fastest ways to truly generate buzz within your industry. Generating value: 1) The piece must be of general value within your industry; 2) Be relevant to the reader […]

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How Do the Pros Get their Press Releases Published?

At PR Distribution, we keep a close eye on how our client’s pieces and articles do. In fact, we’ve been tracking this information for years. And many of our team worked in a variety of marketing roles before joining PR Distribution. Therefore, we have seen both sides of the press release distribution coin. Oftentimes, it […]

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What is the Difference Between Public Relations and Advertising?

Let me share my perspective after spending six figures on advertising and have sent out tens of thousands of press releases (public relations) through our PR Distribution™ platform. The difference between public relations and advertising may be more subtle and less apparent, even to seasoned professionals,  when we take a moment to appreciate how much […]

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How Do I Write a Compelling Press Release?

I have seen tens of thousands of press releases come in through the PR Distribution™ platform. Many of these press releases are newsworthy and well written while some press releases need a lot of help. I worked with my team to put together a press release inspection checklist that we often refer those latter customers to so […]

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How Should a PR Firm and Client Decide What Realistic Benchmarks Are For a Publicity Campaign?

You cannot control the output (results), only your input (eg. # of press releases you send out, how many media outlets you contact individually, etc.) but you can get an idea of expected output, based on input from previous clients’ campaign performance. Full Transparency Method: If you want to be fully transparent with your inputs, you can […]

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How is COVID-19 Impacting Your Marketing and Public Relations (PR) Efforts?

At our company, PR Distribution™, we are not doing anything special in particular besides covering topics and answering questions such as this on our blog, relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) and PR/marketing/advertising. However, having seen hundreds of press releases come through our platform relating to coronavirus, I can share some notable press releases from customers and […]

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The Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Public Relations

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has encouraged businesses and organizations to step up, help others and that is reflected in news releases they’ve distributed to the media. While it is true some industries and sectors are virtually completely shut down such as travel, hospitality, events, cosmetic procedures, etc., there are others who are still in business and […]

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What Strategies Can I Use To Prevent Bad Press From Occurring?

We will break this question into its constituents: Why bad press is occurring? Upset customers You have haters Once you have bad press, where is it and what can you do about it? Search engine results Social media websites First, let’s examine why is the bad press occurring? Bad Press When You Have Upset Customers […]