Ethereum PR Distribution

Ethereum PR Distribution

If your business accepts Ethereum payments, it’s important to understand how to stand out against competitors who are using Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency. You also need a PR distribution company that understands the changing market, and has a robust network of media contacts.

What is Ethereum?

Developed by a Swiss non-profit company called the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum is a type of blockchain technology that uses digital tokens called “ether.” The terms “Ethereum” and “ether” are often used interchangeably to refer to a specific type of cryptocurrency.

A key feature that distinguishes Ethereum from Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others is the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts refer to a code that executes automatically when specific rules or conditions are met. Once verified, the smart contracts facilitate the exchange of money or an assigned value.

Ethereum has several key advantages that make it a worthwhile competitor to Bitcoin.

  • It’s faster: Ethereum transactions take an average of 14 seconds to confirm, compared with up to 10 minutes for Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum has lower transaction costs overall.
  • It cuts out the middleman by allowing users to create markets, store debt registries, or move funds based on pre-set instructions (like a will or futures contract).

The right PR company will understand how to highlight the advantages of your product or service. They should be able to target potential customers who are ready to pay using Ether. However, they might not have the media contacts to get you worthwhile coverage.

At PR Distribution™, we not only have professional writers on staff to create an outstanding press release “ we can actually get your news covered by top media outlets. Our vast distribution network includes trusted sources like Google and Bing, with past content appearing on Forbes, Microsoft Insider, Washington Post, NBC, Tech Republic, FOX, CBS, ABC, and Bloomberg.

Make sure you hire a PR firm that understands the cryptocurrency market, and can ensure that your press release is taken seriously by the media. Sign up for a free account with PR Distribution™ today to learn more.

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