Where to Find Best Press Release Distribution

Where to Find the Best Press Release Distribution Services

Money don’t always equal better quality. 

If this was the case, to find the best press release distribution service, all you would have to do is:

  • Head to google.
  • Search for the most expensive press release distribution service.
  • Record which price is higher.

Simple enough right:

Too bad that’s an awful way to do research.

There’s nothing worst then spending a ton of money on a service that turns out to be inferior or even a scam.

The real way to do research includes, comparing different prices to different benefit packages and the quality of outreach offered.

Sounds like a lot of work:

Lucky for you! That research has already been done.

And here’s the top two options:

Cision.com: They are a huge press release distribution service that puts your press release in the hands of important people who work in social media, broadcast, and print. They offer premium benefits for every press release. Unfortunately, you must submit an official form to even get pricing information.

PRLeap.com: They offer a standard plan at $99, while its monthly plan is $129. You can even get extended service, like an annual plan, which will cost you $699. They boast having over 30,000 customers. The outreach is also huge, and the prices seem very affordable.

But wait, there’s an even better option.

PR Distribution™: The outreach we offer is on par with even the most expensive press release distribution companies. Our prices are better than PRLeap.com and not unknown like Cision.com.

We offer huge benefits for every press release.

If you want the best press release distribution service by these metrics:

  • Price
  • Exposure
  • Quality

Then PR Distribution™ is the clear-cut choice.

Do yourself a favor:

Sign up today for a free account at PR Distribution™.

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