[Free Press Release Template] How to write a press release that journalists can’t resist

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A press release is an official statement coming straight from the business to news outlets and industry publications. A news release isn’t like a regular article or blog post. It follows a standard format and intended for journalists or media individuals. The objective is to get attention from the industry’s reputable journalists and create enough intrigue to make them want to read more about you. 

Why is writing a press release so difficult? 

Most of the time, people are just scanning web page after web page. The attention spans of online users are short. We are always looking for instant information, and we access sites where the content is useful. Journalists are also busy with their routine tasks, and when they check their inboxes, they are looking for something interesting or useful for their readership. A dull or boring press release that doesn’t intrigue them won’t make the headlines as well. 

7 Points you should consider when writing a press release

Here is the list of a few things you should keep in mind while writing the press release. 

  1. The subject line or headline is probably the most important element of a press release. It should be interesting, to-the-point, and related to the story. 
  2. The next information is related to the location, business, date, time, etc. You should include a business name, logo, etc. as well. This helps a press release to stand out from the rest of the releases. 
  3. There isn’t any fixed rule about the length of the news release but keeping it under 500 words is usually considered as a standard practice. A skilled press release writer can write a concise yet newsworthy piece of content around your story without getting it too long or too boring.
  4. A good press release is written for journalists, target audience or potential customers, as well as for search engines. Having relevant keywords in the headline or the content can help your website with search engine ranking.  
  5. Write in the third person and keep it slightly formal. You are not talking to your friend or blog reader directly. You are writing as your business. 
  6. Don’t forget to edit or proofread your press release. A spelling or grammatical error doesn’t leave a good impression on the reader. 
  7. As a business owner or marketing person, there are tons of things that keep you busy, and writing a press release can be time-consuming. This is where having a good press release template can help. 

Press Release Templates

Carefully crafted templates by expert writers save you from the hassle of writing everything from scratch. It also saves you money by removing the need of hiring a pro copywriter. You can easily download the template and fill in with the necessary information you have to share with the targeted community or journalist. There are many press release templates available online which can be downloaded and used for free. 

Writing a press release requires knowledge of search engine optimization techniques, journalistic writing style, and copywriting. If you don’t know how to write a good press release to market your business, the press release templates can help you. 

With everything in place, a structured press release template can guide you in the process of crafting the perfect news release. Having a press release template also saves time, as you don’t have to write everything from scratch.

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