How to write a killer press release with 5 examples

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If you ever wonder why some businesses are so successful with their PR campaigns whereas others can’t even make it to highlights, this article is for you. The press release is one of the old-school strategies to inform the press, media outlets, and prospective audience about the company’s latest happenings. If done right, the PR campaign has the potential to create awareness about your business, bring more traffic, or generate sales as a result. 

You can start a PR strategy with a great chance of success by writing a killer press release with an intended message for the target audience. Writing a news release isn’t like writing other sales content. It requires a few extra steps to ensure that journalists find your release worthy to read and share with their readers. 

Sample press release format

The press release is written to be alive in the public domain, where customers can see it. So, instead of trying to shove it to the throats of your customers, make it a valuable and informative piece of content. Here is how to write a press release, like a professional. 

Make your headline irresistible

The killer press release starts with an irresistible headline with an element of curiosity for the readers. You have only one line to impress your readers, which may seem overwhelming sometimes. You can use verbs, clear, and concise language. Keep your heading simple, short, and without any fluff words. Too many adjectives or complicated words can distract your reader, so keep your title to one line and focused to grab the people’s attention. 

Keep the first paragraph informative

Like it or not, but people don’t have time or patience to go through your whole content to find out what you have to say. To attract readers, journalists, influencers, or followers you have to tell them upfront why they should even care to read your news release. 

The first paragraph of your news release should answer the topics like who, what, why, where, and how. This helps your readers to get straight to the fact without even reading the whole page. By providing them with the necessary information in the first paragraph, you help your readers to decide whether they want to read further or not. 

Keep your news release helpful and concise

Once, you have set the first paragraph, it’s time to bring your company’s core vision to the reader, and help paint the picture of how your service or product affects the life of customers. The primary purpose is to get connected with the audience and emphasize the core of the announcement while staying relevant and concise. 

Include details if that strengthens your narratives, like the vision or creation process behind your newly developed product or future implication of your news release. Make your news release related to the journalist and reader by adding more value to them. 

Summarize & offer Call to action

Don’t forget to mention your company in clear, plain English, including your business website, product sales page, or social media accounts – whatever makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. 

Examples of Press Release

While there is no formula for writing down a press release, the following press releases can be used as examples. These are well-crafted news releases written and distributed by one of the best press release distribution services in the US.

Example of Medical Press Release

Example of Energy Press Release

Example of Banking Press Release

Example of Accounting Press Release

Example of Advertising Press Release