Is a Press Release a Good Way of Marketing?

To answer this question with complete candor, let me draw an analogy that is more relatable for perspective. Is social media a good way of marketing? Or to be more precise, is a tweet or a post a good way of marketing?

If that single tweet or post is ground breaking, breaking news, such as the sneak peak of a highly anticipated game or phone, it will get get retweeted and reposted again and again on social media. For most businesses, a single tweet or post won’t move the needle forward all that much. However, a social media campaign offering consisting content that the audience finds valuable can make a big difference, and with enough quality at quantity, some of those tweets or posts can go viral, relative to the size of your market or industry. 

Granted, a single press release packs on average a magnitude more weight than a post on social media, the principle of creating consistent content that adds value to your audience applies. Tai Lopez, a prolific marketer and entrepreneur, said to ask yourself “are you worth a damn?” I would extend this to your press releases. Is your press release worth a damn? If you publish this PR, will people care? That is determined by the newsworthiness of your press release (quality).

 In today’s digital environment where we’re getting bombarded with information around the clock, news stories can get buried easily and your audience might miss it the first time, or even the second time. According to Jeff Hoffman from Hubspot, while the number of touch points can vary depending on industry and your specific business, eight touch points is a good benchmark. The more press releases (don’t be spammy though) you send, the more touch points you have (quantity).

You need quality in quantity to win with press releases—and this hold true for social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube, SEO with content, etc.

If done properly (you should check out the Press Release Checklist to make sure you’re doing everything correctly), press releases are a phenomenal way of marketing because not only is earned media more trustworthy, those links back from credible media outlets will help your Google search rankings for SEO and give you greater authority when using your earned media on social media and showcasing it on your website (eg. ‘As Seen On’ icons).