Miracles of Research 🪄✨

David Oglivy, known as the father of advertising, has refers to the result of doing proper research as nothing short of “miracles”. We will share with you 3 of these miracles research can perform for you, and how you can do it yourself.

“Research can help you decide the optimum positioning for your product.”

“Research can define your target audience. Men or women. Young or old. Rich or poor. Eduction. Lifestyle. Media habits.”

“Research can save you time and money by ‘reading’ your competitor’s test markets – even his cost of goods and profit margin. All the information is there to get, if you know where to find it.”

Fortunately, you can get access to this “magical” data simply by installing Google Analytics with conversion tracking, which is free.

And voila!

The magic of research right on your fingertips!

That said, once you’re ready to go to market with your product/service, you can share it to the world with PR Distribution!

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Ogilvy, D. (2011). Ogilvy on advertising. Prion.