Online Press Release

What Is an Online Press Release

An online press release is broadly defined as using technology to communicate with consumers over the internet.

Simply put:

If you use an instrument to emit a message over the internet to consumers, then it could be classified as an online press release.

As we all know, the internet is still the fastest growing medium in the world. It’s forever expanding like the universe, and there are new content displayed all over the internet every day.

Since the internet keeps getting bigger, the potential reach an online press release can get far exceeds an offline press release. 

A press release printed in the local newspaper only have the reach of a local community, but an online press release could reach every continent across the world. 

This means many added benefits for an online press release that includes:

  • Your press releases are featured on search engines. This alone leads to tons of organic traffic to your site and added exposure. Search engines generate millions of views every day and your press release could be included in this number.
  • You can publish your press releases instantly. Online press releases allow for your press releases to circulate around the web with the click of a button. This is a huge benefit in using an online press release distribution service. It allows you to instantly control consumer behavior. 
  • Your press release could reach the email of millions. The email is still the most common form of communication around the world today. The average person checks their email numerous times a day. By having access to this tool, it allows your press release to be in front of the eyes of millions of people, multiple times a day. This can easily help you establish a relationship with your consumers.

There are many other benefits as well, the list could go on and on. 

The online press release is clearly better in every way than an offline press release.

Here’s the deal:

Companies have figured that out since the inception of the internet, and this has led to a saturation of the online press release distribution market.

With saturation comes a varying degree of success within the press release distribution market. Some press release distribution companies offer a great package (usually at a high cost), while other press release distribution companies could be looked at as a complete sham.

This could lead to extreme frustration when deciding which online press release distribution company to use.

Lucky for you, we saved you that frustration.

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Simply Put: PR Distribution™  offers the best ROI of any press release service.

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