Press Release Distribution – Invaluable Tool to Rank Higher in the Search Results

press release distribution

Las Vegas, NV, July 15, 2020: As compared to social media marketing, the press release distribution is a much affordable way to promote your products or services. It allows you to be in front of potential customers through media outlets and news portals. Savvy PR agencies use distribution services to disseminate news releases to these media outlets. More placements and syndication you get, more traffic, internet visibility, and backlinks you create for your business. 

Research by suggests that links in press releases can have direct SEO benefits. However, having these backlinks doesn’t necessarily lead to higher-ranking but it generates some traffic and readership. Having the right PR strategy can benefit your business in many ways, but generating a successful online campaign isn’t always simple. 

You need to have sufficient skills related to SEO, copyrighting, building, and managing relationships with journalists and media influencers, etc. If you don’t have resources or time to do everything on your own, outsourcing your PR strategy to a reliable PR agency would be a wise move to make. 

PR Distribution Inc. is one of the leading PR distribution services in the USA. They have sent tens of thousands of news releases to established publications including Google New, Yahoo News, Bing News, and media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, etc. Getting featured in such media outlets can also build positive influence and online reputation. 

PR Distribution Inc. offers highly-affordable and flexible PR distribution pricing and plans. The first tier of the service won’t get you too far and allows only 25+ placements. In case, you are limited on a budget or just want to see if PR distribution works for you or not, this package is great, but if you are looking for some serious public outreach, you should choose the higher-tier of the service. 

As an alternative to hiring a full-service PR agency, you can also purchase the media contact list, and engage with these journalists. Building relationships takes time but it has its own benefits. In the future, whenever you have the news, you know exactly where to pitch your story.


PR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service provider in the US. It has been working for almost two decades now and has helped thousands of businesses get recognized by the industry’s most authentic bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. With PR Distribution Inc. you are guaranteed to get instant visibility in major search engines and news outlets for a very affordable price. For business queries, you can visit PR Distribution Inc. at