Press Release Distribution Pricing Plans 2020

The PR Distribution™ Team is happy to announce that we’ve worked with our media outlets and syndication partners to come up with new plans with even more features, benefits and distribution for you to choose from.

To place your order with our PR Distribution™ plans is simple. Navigate to our Press Release Distribution Pricing page and select the plan you want. Once you’ve placed your order, you will be able to upload your press release and distribute it for the whole world to see!

See Full Press Release Pricing Plan Details

Below is a preview of our press release pricing plans. Click here to see full PR Distribution™

FeaturesWeb PR Distribution™
Newswire PR Distribution™
Multi-Wire PR Distribution™
Multi-Wire Pro PR Distribution™
Multi-Wire Concierge PR Distribution™
Google Syndication
Google Inclusion
Yahoo Inclusion
Bing Inclusion
Google News Inclusion
Financial Feeds
Social Syndication
Social Comments Enabled
Social Sharing Enabled
Spam-Free PR Distribution
Press Release Permanently Hosted
Unlimited Word Count500
Unlimited Visual Media135
Multi-Tier Editorial Process
Priority Live Chat
Priority Email & Ticket Support
Priority Phone Support


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