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press release distribution

Las Vegas, NV, August 17, 2020: Press release distribution is undoubted, one of the most confusing marketing strategies for people new to PR strategy and PR marketing. Some of the marketing gurus even claim it as a dead way of promoting your business which is far away from the truth. Although, the one thing that is true from all the hype and judgemental statements is the success ratio of PR marketing. Press release distribution is certainly not for amature or less-serious business owners.  

PR Distribution is just a way of reaching out the potential customers through press and media outlets. Being a part of featured news and highlights can instantly bring you in front of the people searching for the related services or products you are offering. Unlike traditional Internet marketing where you try to sell things to people, press releases offer information to interested buyers or customers. It is an official statement coming directly from the business which is also considered as a legit way of promoting your story by the search engines. 

However, often small businesses struggle to achieve the desired financial and SEO results from their news release mainly because they are not experts at PR writing or don’t know how to distribute their press release to the journalists. PR Distribution Inc. understands the problems a small business could face while trying to be visible among the big whales. They are one of the leading PR distribution service providers in the USA and have helped hundreds of businesses to get their stories out by sending thousands of news releases. 

They have an in-house team of skilled PR writers, SEO experts, research assistants, influencers, and editors. They can craft a perfect newsworthy news release around your story and core narrative of your business. PR Distribution Inc. has quite flexible and unique PR distribution pricing and packages that help business owners to select the package according to their requirements and budget. You can opt to get one press release written and distributed to monthly or even yearly PR distribution packages. 

As an alternative to purchasing the press release distribution packages, you can also purchase the media contact database that contains contact information of over thousands of journalists and media outlets. Learning how to write a news release and pitching it to the journalists can take some time and patience but if you are interested in long-term relationships with media outlets, this can be a great way to reach out. Once you have established some connections you know where to go when you have a story to share.


PR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service provider in the US. It has been working for almost two decades now and has helped thousands of businesses get recognized by the industry’s most authentic bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. With PR Distribution Inc. you are guaranteed to get instant visibility in major search engines and news outlets for a very affordable price. For business queries, you can visit PR Distribution Inc. at

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