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Top Press Release Services for 2018

With a new year usually comes many new experiences and goals.

This leads to more competition, and an increasingly changing landscape when it comes to press release services.

With all this new information and policy changes; finding a top-notch press release service so early in the year could be a daunting task.

Lucky for you!

Here’s the updated press release services on many popular pr sites. They offer four distinct press release packages ($30, $50, $60, and $100) all with different perks and outreaches. They $30 package is the most basic package and does not include, news, or social media features, among others. The other packages seem to include more feature, but none of them stands out as a premium package. They don’t offer as many packages as They standard press release package is $299. Newswire boast an outreach of over 1,400 websites and includes most of the features offered at They don’t offer details into what websites they reach and lack a few premium features. One of these features being AP wire distribution. They offer a press release package at $269. This includes AP wire distribution, google, and yahoo news. boast an outreach of over 5,900 websites with 100 re-publishing’s guaranteed. They even offer free links to photos, but you must pay to embed photos or videos. Unfortunately, the details on which websites is included in the 5,900 outreach is rather scarce and $269 isn’t exactly cheap.

So, who’s the top press release service for 2018?

That depends: is ideal for a small business looking for a cheap press release service to get jumpstarted. While, PRNewswire and eReleases are better for larger businesses looking for a few more features in their press release services.

But wait:

There’s an even better option for any sized business.

PR Distribution™: We are just the supreme choice when it comes to press releases in 2018 and beyond. Any industry and any sized business can enjoy the many perks and benefits that come along with using our services.

Simply put: PR Distribution™ offers the best ROI of any press release service.

Our press releases have appeared on Forbes, Microsoft Development Network, Washington Post, NBC, Tech Republic, CBS, ABC, FOX, and Bloomberg.

Don’t waste any more time in 2018 trying to decide which distribution service to use for your press release. Save your advertising budget, and get your content placed with the maximum amount of quality media channels today.

We’ll help get your business a snowball effect.

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