Press Release Submission

What Are Press Release Submission Websites

You probably heard of press release submission websites but are you familiar with what they do?

Do you know how they can help you?

Well, here’s a quick overview:

Press release submission services help distribute your press release to search engines and news sites and help put your release in front of consumers and journalist.

Simply put: If you want your business to become more known, press releases will help you.’ 

Press release submission services allow you to generate buzz around your brand and help improve your website’s SEO strategy.

There are two categories of press release submission websites:Free and Paid.

Free press release submission websites are beneficial for the obvious reason that they don’t require a monetary cost. They offer you a small select channel to put your press release on and lack many benefits. They also don’t help much with a website’s SEO strategy.’ 

When in a rush, paid press release submission websites can come in handy. Paid submission websites provide a greater reach for your press release. They come with many features and often provide key value in a website’s SEO strategy.’ 

Information is great, but which type should you choose.

Lucky for you:

‘ There’s an option that has all the benefits of the best paid press release submission websites, with a price that almost fits into the free section.

PR Distribution™: Offers the best ROI of any press release submission service. Our outreach touches a plethora of premium sites and networks.

This mean you get the most bang for your buck.

The prices are so low it can even rival the free sites. When you combine the price with the quality of our service, it’s simply the only choice.

Don’t believe us?

Go to PR Distribution™ and open a free account today.

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