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The Perfect Press Release Template

A press release template is used to save yourself some time while still delivering a great press release. A quick Google search on the perfect press release templates shows thousands of results.

You probably even noticed:

Each template is completely different than the rest and there’s no telling which is better or worst. 

You can even find websites that have over 60+ press release templates that you can download, customize, and print for free. Sounds like a great idea, but with so many options which template should you choose?

Here’s the key!

A great template has a few common key characteristics:

  • Excellent Formatting: You should never use a press release template that has bad formatting. This is a certified death wish to any press release you plan on publishing. Your press release template format should look clean and unclogged. Some prior knowledge as to how you should properly format a press release is required for you to pick out the perfect press release template.
  • Versatility: Picking the perfect press release template is not a one size fit all. It’s very important that you pick a template that is versatile and can appeal to your target audience. The best press release templates tend to be flexible and leaves room for many topics and industries.
  • Professional: The first thing you should see when you look at a great press release template is a high level of professionalism. You want your press release to receive instant credibility. This is easily obtainable with a very professional looking press release. Make sure your template has no typos, misspelled words, or grammatical errors. Mistakes are the quickest way to lose every ounce of credibility with your audience. A sleek, but professional look is the way to go when it comes to press releases.

The perfect press release template will definitely have all three of these characteristics. You could scour the internet searching for the perfect press release template one-by-one.


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