Resubmit Press Release

Reasons to Resubmit a Press Release

Not all press releases go smoothly the very first time.

In fact:

Some press releases get rejected the first time for many reasons. 

Reasons such as:

  • Include too many links: You certainly want a link to a page or two on your website from within your release, but too many links can be horrendous. It can really hinder your press release and get it rejected by distribution companies. A rule of thumb is to never include more than 1 link per 100 words. So, for a 500-word press release, you would be able to include up to 5 links.
  • Formatting and readability issues: The quickest way to get your press release rejected is to have bad formatting. The format of your press release is the first thing distribution outlets notice. Any type of odd indentation or spacing is a huge red flag. Your press release should also be easy to read.
  • Didn’t proofread: If your press release has misspelled words or other grammatical errors, most quality press release distribution companies will reject it. You should always proofread any press release that you intend to send out. This is actually a blessing in disguise for you. You wouldn’t want to get your brand out there with grammatical mistakes. 
  • Too many personal opinions: News is supposed to be fact-based, not opinion-based. You need to make sure that your press release is written from an unbiased point of view. If your press release sounds like a sales pitch or marketing hype, it will likely get declined.

But, don’t worry:

These reasons can be corrected, and your press release can still be a prime candidate for resubmission.

Unfortunately, some press release distribution companies make changing a press release an impossible task. They even charge you to make simple corrections and require a long turn-around. 

If you are sending out a press release for the first time or worried about having a simple mistake ruin everything then there’s an ideal press release distribution company for you.

PR Distribution™: We are the perfect distribution service for a first-timer. You can easily make corrections to your press release even after you hit the send button. There are no hidden charges and it’s a breeze. You don’t have to deal with the hassle that many other press release distribution companies put you through when making corrections.

PR Distribution™ is here to serve your needs and release the best press release for you. We look to maximize your ROI and that starts with the basic layers of your press release.

Make corrections and resubmit your press release with the press of a button. 

It’s that easy!

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