Writing and Distributing Mining Press Release

mining press release

If you own a mining company and have some newsworthy story to share, probably writing and distributing a mining press release is a better route to approach than relying on Government Committees. It could be regarding the audited financial statement, securing a new site for mining, or merger/agreement with a new company.  The press release […]


How to write a Book Press Release that actually makes people buy your book?

book press release distribution

Do you know that you can get your book featured in famous media outlets like NBC, CBS, FOX, Yahoo News, Google News, and Big News, etc. with a book press release?  Thanks to the modern-age Press Release Distribution, you can get featured in hundreds or even thousands of news outlets, journals, and blogs with little […]


Best Press Release Checklist Provided By PR Distribution™

press release checklist

A successful press release distribution takes lots of hard work, communication, and relationship-building skills. But most importantly, a press release should be well-written and newsworthy for journalists to read or share. It should also be interesting, engaging, and informative for the potential audience without any technical or business jargon beyond their understanding.  Hiring a good […]