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Press Release Templates [Google Docs]

PR Distribution™ has sent over 30,000 press releases and counting. We are here to help you get the most out of your press release distribution. Browse and use any of our sample press release templates. Or you can download our press release templates in a Google Doc format so you can edit them and craft […]

Press Release Templates

Website Launch Press Release Template

Company Launches New Website Name City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Company will launch new website name, a website specialized to content and target audience on date. New website will basic details about content, functions and benefits of this website, including what services will it provide, if any. More details, including something fun, useful or exciting the website will offer or provide Quote […]

Press Release Templates

Small Business Press Release Template

Small Business Offers Products, Services, Discounts, Special Offers, etc. City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Local business name of business is pleased to offer Products, Services, Discounts, Special offers, for reason, beginning with date. Basic details about the offer. More details about the offer, including benefits of this offer to potential customers. Quote from a satisfied customer or from somebody in the business. […]

Press Release Templates

Restaurant Press Release Template

Restaurant Brand Announces the New Location of Restaurant Name in Location City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Residents of city are welcomed to prepare themselves for a new flavor in town. Restaurant brand has announced the opening of a new restaurant called Restaurant name on date, located at address. Restaurant name is a food type-style restaurant that fuses the delicious taste of food type with the exciting new technique […]

Press Release Templates

Launch Press Release Template

Company Announces the Launch of Product Name City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Company is excited to announce the launch of product name, a product description that will basic features and purpose of the product. The official launch date for the product name is Date. Company believes product name will more detailed description of the product features and ability, comparison with the concurrent products etc. More details […]

Press Release Templates

Grand Opening Press Release Template

Company Grand Opening on Date City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — The press and public are invited to the grand opening of Company on date for an introduction to the most describe with appropriate adjective type of company in the City. The event will take place at location and time. Guests will be treated to free promotions, food, fun activities etc. The new company features describe services the […]

Press Release Templates

Film Press Release Template

Production Company Announces Opening of Movie Title City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Production Company is proud to announce the opening of movie title, a genre starring short list of main actors, and directed by name of director. Movie title is the story of short synopsis of the movie. Name of the lead actor stars in this movie, as a follow-up to his smash-hit recent popular […]

Press Release Templates

Event Press Release Template

City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Company Name will present Event Name, taking place at Event Location on Date, and featuring performers, guests, showcases, etc. Company Name is proud to bring Event Name to Event Location for the first time, the second, third year in a row, etc. Event Name will write more on what will happen at event. More details about event; include ticket prices and […]

Press Release Templates

Charity Event Press Release Template

Organization Hosts Event for Cause City, State – Today’s Date or Scheduled Date — Organization Name, the nonprofit organization devoted to cause, is hosting event on date at time in location. The cost of admission is cost and all revenue will go toward specific description of the use of revenue for the cause. The event will feature list the top highlights of the event. Quotation from event organization describing […]