The Ultimate Press Release Checklist

PR Distribution

Are you offering another service? Launching a new product? Or getting a redesign for your website? It could be anything useful and informative for your prospective audience that you need to share with your prospective audience. 

The press release is a great SEO-enabled tool that allows businesses to reach their target communities and share what is worth for the audience. But, distributing your news release without any strategy and hoping for some exposure is a kind of hit and miss technique. 

Every day, journalists get hundreds of these press releases and most of these go straight into the trash folder because of the bad subject lines. Yes, subject lines are important. No one reads or cares to open an email with a straight boring or sales-pitch like subject line. 

The subject line is your first impression at the journalist’s inbox. It may cause a journalist to click on your email or send it to trash without even reading it. You may have a great message or news to share, but, if no one is reading it, it is not worth even writing it.

 So, how to write a press release that gets noticed by journalists or media outlets?

Of course, you can hire a high-quality press release writing and distribution service that takes away all your worries. As, they have experienced writers working for them, who know the essential ingredients of a good press release. Don’t worry. Not all PR agencies are expensive. PR Distribution Inc. is one of the best press release distribution services and offers affordable press release writing and distribution packages for small business owners and startups.

But, if you still want to write the news release yourself, maybe for the learning purpose, or to save money, our press release checklist is the perfect solution for you. Having a press release checklist helps you to identify the structure and important elements of a good and share-worthy press release. 

The checklist contains questions like the following: 

  • Does your headline is interesting and captivate some attention?
  • Do you have a subheading?
  • Does your first paragraph summarize the necessary information with the main points?
  • What information does your second paragraph convey?
  • Have you embedded any multimedia like image or video?
  • Have you written the entire press release in the third person?
  • Have you checked all URLs and anchor text?
  • Is your press release lengthy or short?
  • Have you provided contact information?

 And information like that.

You can download the complete press release checklist containing 22 points with explanations and tips from our Press Release Checklist landing page.