Top 5 Press Release Distribution Services with Pricing

Press Release Distribution

It doesn’t matter what line of business you work into, marketing your business is an integral part of sustaining it. Simply put, marketing has two goals – to make more people know about your business and to help increase sales by creating trust.

Ads help businesses to get visibility to some extent but social media marketing or ads can be expensive. Whereas, press release distribution is an inexpensive tool to get some organic outreach and backlinks. 

The press release distribution services play an important role. They own their own media contact list consisting of journalists who work in partnership with these firms.

1. PR Distribution™ 

PR Distribution™ is a premium PR agency that helps businesses to write and publish their news release to the world. They are known for their affordability for small businesses and post-distribution comprehensive reports.

PR Distribution™ is best for small business owners who need extended outreach but can’t afford thousands in marketing. They offer over 100+ guaranteed placement on premium news sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates with their Premium Concierge pricing plan. This service also enables PR professionals and marketing experts to have a white-label or private label press release distribution.

With every distribution plan, you get a 100% spam-free press release distribution. With this service, you can reach the prospective audience at the national, local, and regional levels. You can check out their pricing page here.

2. Business Wire

Business Wire is best known for its interactive media newsrooms. Effective content distribution is important, and that’s why buying distribution service is a choice you need to weigh carefully. This service allows you to have editorial support and feedback to optimize each PR for SEO performance and readability.

Thousands of companies have chosen to work with them to syndicate their news release to the general public and financial sector worldwide. Although they are expensive and restrict the news release to 400-word count unless you pay them extra for additional words. You can learn more about their pricing model here.

3. eReleases

eRelease is one of the leading press release distribution services that offers great syndication service at low cost for businesses. It reaches an extensive network of journalists, writers from the financial and corporate industry, and marketing professionals.

This service offers three PR distribution packages – Buzz builder, PR pro, and Newsmaker. The starting package is priced at $299 and is limited to the distribution of one news release to a limited number of news outlets. Higher-tiered services allow users to gain wider outreach.

They offer a diverse set of tools to customize the press release by integrating images, videos, etc. eReleases sends news releases directly to the inbox of thousands of journalists subscribed to their service. You can learn more about the pricing model here.

4. PR Underground

PR Underground is a leading press release agency that allows small business owners, entrepreneurs to share their stories with the world through an extensive network of news websites. This service sends all the news releases to major search engines and popular news sites including and

They offer two distribution plans, including a pre-release plan and a monthly subscription plan. The subscription fee ranges from $49 to $300 depending on the number of PRs you require in one month. It offers SEO optimization and social media syndication all in one platform to help their users rank their stories better in the search engine result pages.

Your news release is published to more than 80 regional radio and TV news websites, including Digital Jouranl, ABC Island, ABC 7 Ft, AZCentral, and many more.

You can find out more about their services and pricing plans here.

5. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire is a great choice for businesses looking for massive national or local outreach. This service distributes the news release to 350+ media outlets, major search engines like Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, etc. 

Easy Newswire allows limited word count up to 600 words. You have to pay an additional fee to include more words that can be allowed with premium pro packages. Easy Newswire makes it possible for business owners to achieve the perfect press release distribution at a very low cost.


I have provided you with the pros and cons of the 5 best press release distribution companies, now you can decide which one serves the best service in your interest. 

If you still feel lost, go with PR Distribution™, without any hesitation. It has a distribution package for everyone. This service is quite affordable, doesn’t restrict the word count, doesn’t ask any membership fee or extra money to include images, videos, etc. 

They provide editorial, proofreading support as well. This service has listed a free press release checklist you need to check and download to know how to write a perfect newsworthy press release.

 For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at