Top Best Paid Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution can get your business narrative or the news in front of the prospective audience in no time. PR distribution may seem simple but just like other marketing strategies, it needs a certain level of skills, commitment, and resources required to execute the PR campaign. 

The easy and recommended way to ensure the success of PR strategy is to leave it on the experts. Having said that, if you hire a wire service, it is always better to work with a paid service. You will be better served with a premium news wire service if you are interested in some real results and analytics to see how your PR worked.

There are a number of premium and high-quality news wire services throughout the USA. That makes it challenging to choose the one that works best for you. In this article, I have listed 7 best paid press release distribution services you can use. Each of the companies listed below has its pros and cons. A few are expensive whereas others don’t provide a certain feature unless you pay them more.

1. PR Distribution™ 

PR Distribution™ will distribute your news release to many popular news sites including ABC, CBS, and Fox. This service is perfect for startups or small businesses who need to extend their internet outreach by distributing their news release on a budget. 

Since the large majority of the people in the USA come across the above-mentioned premium national news sources, it is safe that this service is good enough to connect small businesses with their prospective customers.Their premium pricing plan ensures 100+ placements. 

PR Distribution™  maintains a good relationship with the journalists and can pitch your story to hundreds or even thousands of journalists, news outlets, writers, or bloggers. This ensures a hassle-free execution of the press release campaign.

This service allows you to use unlimited word count or include images, videos, etc. For post-distribution service, you are provided with a comprehensive report and analytics that helps customers to make a financial decision based on facts and figures.

2. eReleases

eReleases offers a wide-range press release distribution service for medium-level businesses looking for media outreach. They aren’t probably for you if you just want to test if press release distribution works for you, as their basic package, excluding writing service, costs around $299 and allows only 400 words.

You can add more words to your press release or get the next business day distribution for an additional fee. And there is no free proofreading. They also provide you with analytics reports as well as guaranteed exposure on a minimum of 60 websites.

Their customer service is easy to contact and they offer guidance for any pre or post-distribution question you have.

3. PR Web

PR Web is good for those on a budget and targeting specific outlets. You can precisely choose the sectors you want to target which enables you to keep your cost to a minimum by choosing sectors that will give your maximum impact.

They will help your business to get the visibility across the top search engines from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and will permanently place your press release on This service allows you to distribute the press release to be sent to over 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Although, there is no writing service.

4. Business Wire

Business Wire has patented its news network and can distribute through nearly 90,000 different news outlets in 160 countries. To keep your news release distribution focused, you have the option to choose from 190+ categories. They also offer multi-language translation up to 20 different native languages.

With Business wire, you can get your news release in the hands of financial reporters, news syndicators like Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, and those with social media networks. There is a huge scope that can be realized using their distribution strategy and wide news network.

5. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire doesn’t go around and distribute your press release to every directory or contact list possible, hoping your story gets in front of people who will read it. They don’t like spamming, so distribute news releases in a much more targeted manner, using well-established methods to target those who are most likely to be interested in your story or news release.

They have got an opt-in subscriber list of 4,500+ news outlets. Your news release is sent to major search engines and news outlets. It requires you to register on their site to distribute your content. You can get started in a few steps. 

There is no membership fee and it is free to join the service. But to get featured services, you need to pay an additional fee. 


I have provided you with the necessary facts about the 5 best paid press release distribution services in the USA. Some may work best for B2B services, while others may feel a great fit for the B2C services.

If you still feel unsure, I would recommend you to try something affordable yet high-quality such as PR Distribution™. This service has helped thousands of businesses to reach their marketing goals. They offer editorial support, feedback, proofreading, along with the distribution. They don’t restrict its users from integrating multimedia attachments or adding more words.

With a higher-tier of service, you get over 100+ spam-free placements.

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at