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The Secret to Top PR Distribution Syndication

There is a secret as to why the press release will always remain king in the world we live in?

Can you believe it?

You must constantly hear the naysayers.

They often use words like traditional, old-fashioned, and archaic when talking about press releases. They even reference many reasons as to why people should do away with the press release.

Reasons like these:

  • Times have changed, and a press release is no longer the best way.
  • Press release distribution services are rather expensive.
  • Press releases rarely produce ROI (Return on Investment).
  • People get their news 24/7 through any medium they like including television, radio, and the internet.

Just to name a few.

Although some of those reasons may be true to an extent, they downplay one important secret about press releases.

A well-kept secret that may not be much of a secret at all. 

The press release is still king when it comes to grabbing attention.

Sure, with the wave of social media sites and news outlets, news can be spread without the use of a press release. Unfortunately, spreading news this way is saturated and doesn’t grab nearly the amount of attention of an effective press release.

The key to using a press release effectively is to target them towards newsworthy events. 

When a press release is utilized effectively there is nothing better. Press release distribution services even come with included benefits. 

Benefits like these:

  • Build search engine traffic: SEO is a very important aspect to master. It leads to a huge outreach and puts your stories in front of a wider audience. Press releases are tagged with keywords, and if chosen correctly, they will help your release rank.
  • Manages your image: Press release distribution services offer clients a long-term approach to managing their image. This allows clients to develop a strategy that can withstand within the constantly moving landscape of news outlets.
  • Gain credibility: It’s something about a press release that commands respect, much more than other avenues. They are fact-filled, and consumers tend to trust the information inside of a press release much more than any other form of information release.

There’s many more benefits as well.

The key is to find a top-notch press release distribution service, but with the myriad of options out there, this is not an easy task. Your options range from free to very expensive, and they all offer different benefits and packages.

Lucky for you, one option is clearly better than all the rest.

PR Distribution™: We deliver the best ROI of any press release distribution service on the market. The benefits we offer with our press releases rival even the most expensive distribution services. The setup is easy-to-use even for a first timer and the outreach is among the biggest in the industry at a fraction of the cost of the average press release distribution juggernaut.

Here’s the deal: 

If you want an affordable press release that actually delivers on it’s ROI, then PR Distribution™ is the place to go.

Sign up for a free trial account on PR Distribution™ today.

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