Where to Effectively Send News Releases

Where to Effectively Send News Releases


You have an amazing news release all written up and ready to send but you simply don’t know where to send it for maximum effect. This is a common problem for even the most advanced news release professionals.

And, did you know?

The places you send your news releases too can oftentimes be more important than the content in the news release itself.

Simply put:

Sending your press release to the appropriate place/s can make or break the effectiveness of your news release.

You wouldn’t want to send your announcement about a car wash in Akron, Ohio to a radio station in California. Just like don’t expect TV stations to be interested in your new website devoted to collecting rocks.

You get the point, but mistakes like these happen all-the-time.

These are the type of mistakes that will lower the effectiveness of your news release and can even make it a complete waste of time.

Or, even worse than that:

It can even have a negative impact on your company because people will begin to relate your news release with words like spam and trash. This is exactly what you don’t want to happen to your news release.

It’s important to seek out appropriate landing places for your press release.

Oftentimes the first underlying metric examined when determining the success of a news release is the places it landed. An amazing news release that lands in front of an appropriate landing place feel like a pleasant surprise or a gift instead of an unwelcome visitor or a burden. This allows your news release to achieve maximum effectiveness.

But, how do you find the right places to send your news releases?

That is no simple task. There’s no exact science to picking the right places and it usually comes with a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately, it’s a very time-consuming approach and could also lead to a significant loss of funds in the process. 

Lucky for you!

There is a place that not only maximizes your news releases but also makes sure your news releases are sent out to only the most appropriate places. This results in the best ROI of any news release distribution company.

PR Distribution™

We not only have the significant outreach of a top-notch press release distribution company, but we also make sure that your news releases are optimized and sent out to only the most appropriate outlets.

Each press release news outlets are personalized to fit your company’s unique needs.

Never worry about your news release getting called spam ever again!

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