Why is a Paid Press Release Distribution Service better than the free service?

PR distribution

You can apply extensive writing skills in writing a perfect story or news release but in order to achieve business results, it is imperative that it is distributed effectively. The old times of spray and run don’t work anymore. To compete with enormous other businesses offering similar kinds of services, you need to be active rather than being passive about the whole online campaign

The biggest misconception in the PR industry is that you only need to email/pitch your news release to journalists and you will start getting immediate exposure. This kind of marketing does nothing to increase your search engine ranking or internet visibility. 

Failing to choose the right press release distribution service can impact the whole PR campaign negatively. In order for your news release to make some ripple across the news outlets, it needs to be distributed through a PR distribution service that syndicates your news to industry-specific news outlets and more focused related social media pages. 

Should you pay for the distribution?

There are so many free and paid PR distribution services.  But do you really need to pay a PR firm to distribute your story? 

The answer is yes. Free PR services offer limited distribution and just send your news release to every email they have. Shooting news release to every journalist out there doesn’t help. Premium press release distribution services such as PR Distribution™ offer a more focused approach while distributing the news release. They also offer complete reports on analytics and open-through rate as part of the post-distribution strategy. 

Depending on the financial resources, investing money in a paid PR distribution can be a huge concern for some businesses. Traditional newswire companies charge anything from $99 to $299 just for PR writing service. PR Distribution offers enormous benefits to promote a business but it doesn’t mean that it should be too expensive. 

PR Distribution™ believes in helping small businesses to achieve their business result for a reasonable fee. Unlike other PR firms, they don’t charge you any monthly subscription fee and you pay only for the services. They offer different pricing packages that allow placement of your news release anywhere from 25+ news outlets to 400+ placements. 

They don’t limit your word count and let you add additional words, multimedia such as images, videos, etc. for free. They have an in-house team of writers, editors, and SEO experts to make sure that your news release is well-written and proofread for any typos or grammatical mistakes. 

With the high-tier of the service, you get search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing inclusion, financial feeds, social syndication, and distribution to popular media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, Century link, Windstream, Armstrong One wire, NYSE, and so many more with their affiliates. You can’t achieve such a high-quality syndication with a free distribution service. That’s why you should invest in premium yet reliable paid PR distribution service. 

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