“With Public Opinion on Its Side, Nothing Can Fail” 🦅

The great President Abraham Lincoln once said “with public opinion on its side, nothing can fail”.

There is a lot of truth to this statement, and it is a huge contributing factor of why self publishing platforms such as YouTube and Amazon Kindle Publishing took over traditional establishments such as cable news and TV, and traditional book publishers.

Consumers vote with their time and their wallets, and they’ve voted for the former.

Is public opinion on your organization’s side?

“I don’t know who you are.

I don’t know your company.

I don’t know your company’s product.

I don’t know what your company stands for.

I don’t know your company’s customers.

I don’t know your company’s record.

I don’t know your company’s reputation.

Now—what was it you want to sell me?”

MORAL: Sales starts before your salesman calls—with business publication advertising.

That’s where PR Distribution comes in.

Publish your corporate message to the world with PR Distribution!

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