Book Press ReleaseHow to Write a Great Book Press Release

With the many venues available to writers today via the Internet and self-publishing platforms, it is easier than ever to publish. What’s not so easy is convincing your target audience that they need to buy your book. 

Marketing a new book effectively can be extremely challenging. The media and potential consumers are under a constant barrage of marketers vying for their attention. Books generally do not appeal to the urges of the impulse buyer as so many other items do. It’s tough to convince an audience that your book is the greatest, new “must-have.” But that’s exactly what you need to do.

That’s why you need a good, strong, book press release.

Done correctly, a book press release is a highly effective marketing tool. It will get the attention of journalists who in turn can get the word out to your potential customers, resulting in many sales. At a very low cost, a good book press release is the best return on your investment when considering effective promotional strategies.

It’s critically important, though, to really take the time to do it the right way. The fact is, it’s impossible for journalists to even read the thousands of press releases that are issued every day. If a press release doesn’t catch a reporter’s interest right away, it will simply be forgotten.

So make sure that you do your homework to create a book press release that really stands out.

Keep in mind that if the headline and the first paragraph do not grab and keep the reader’s attention, your book press release will not be read. Keep your headline short and clear. Try to come up with some unique angle that makes your book appear newsworthy. For example, “Xulon Press Published New Religious Book” is not a very interesting headline. But “New Xulon Book Reveals Facts That Prove Christ’s Existence” definitely is.

 In your first paragraph, build on your reader’s attention by giving the most important details about your book. It can be very effective to provide a summary of the book’s plot or main focus. Keep your tone journalistic and avoid excessive language (“greatest,” “unique,” “life-changing”) which will make your book press release sound too much like a commercial. Above all, make sure that your first paragraph is relevant, concise, and interesting.

In the remaining text of your Ebook press release, add more details. Keep your sentences concise and engaging. Each sentence should introduce new information; do not waste space or time by repeating information that has already been said. Images, quotes from reviewers, and even a video book trailer can bring your book to life and make your audience want to read it.

Spend some time figuring out what keywords you need to make your book press release easy to find on Google. Use your book title in the headline, and use other high-volume keywords related to the topic of your book throughout the text.

Your last paragraph should include a call to action which directs your audience to the right place to buy your book and to learn more about it. Make sure that this information is accurate! You may also consider including a brief “About the Author” section, citing your credentials in this particular topic or genre.

Even for writers, the thought of creating a book press release can be overwhelming. There are many details which go into maximizing the potential of this great marketing tool.

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