Cheap Press Release Distribution in 2019

Cheap Press Release Distribution in 2019: 

The Best Kept Secret for Maximum Media ROI

Building conversion and brand authority at the same time using modern press release distribution is a simple and direct strategy with huge payoff.

Press release distribution has made huge strides in the last five years. In fact, in 2019, it’s one of the most affordable and effective ways to build a brand and spread press awareness. The Internet has made the once convoluted process of sending out press releases a very simple process. Of course, simple and cheap press release distribution has had to compete in recent years with many digital tactics, such as social media, local articles, backlinks, local marketing, and on-pageSEO.

Research shows that 44% of journalists view press releases as one of the most trustworthy ways to receive company new. And these journalists are publishing for established media outlets which provide some of the best high-quality SEO exposure on the Internet.

Are you aiming to get picked up by Google News, Bing News, and other news aggregators? Press releases to reputable outlets are a cheap way to gain instant credibility boost with clients and ranking within search environments. Building conversion and brand authority at the same time using modern press release distribution is a simple and direct strategy with huge payoff.

Press Release Distribution Is a New Game in 2019

Press release distribution services, like PR Distribution, have simplified the process of connecting to hundreds, or even thousands, of news outlets.

Press release distribution services, like PR Distribution, have simplified the process of connecting to hundreds, or even thousands, of news outlets.

Sending press releases used to be a resource and time-intensive effort. Relationships had to be established one at a time and each syndication required its own submission process. This type of slow-moving process does not scale well.

This is part of why digital is so appealing compared to traditional marketing. Not only does it appear to be cheaper and easier, it executes almost instantaneously. Articles that get sent to publications may need to sit for weeks or months and without any guarantee of impact.

Digital press release has changed that entire dynamic. Not only is press release now far cheaper, the reach is greatly magnified. You are connected to hundreds, even thousands of media outlets. PR Distribution is one platform that offers full-service solutions with writing and strategic planning for your pieces. Their resource center is a great place to start for media research.

Speed, Reach, and Reliability

Businesses marketing through multiple channels display 91% greater year-over-year retention rates over businesses that neglect multi-channel approaches.

For a fast-moving marketing team, it’s hard to beat modern press release services’ cheap, fast, and reliable connections to media outlets. But, press releases also work amazingly well in combination with other types of marketing, digital or traditional. As we’ll show later in the article, there are multiple ways to stack methods in a way that works for your organization. Businesses marketing through multiple channels display 91% greater year-over-year retention rates over businesses that neglect multi-channel approaches.

Multi-channel methods are especially useful when media outlets keep your articles up for extended periods of time. Visitors will be finding your content and links for potentially years after its publication.

Conventions for Media

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to creating good press release content. Content should be newsworthy. It should also be demonstrably relevant to the industry. A journalist looking at your press piece should instantly be able to create a number of angles on how they can relate that news to their audience.

For example, an article announcing a major executive hire at a financial firm should very clearly and quickly announce this fact in the lede. The history of that individual and the company hiring them could then be relayed in the context of the industry.

News-worthiness and clarity are always key concerns, even if considerations change from industry to industry. Journalists are looking at your content through the eyes of their readers. Visit PR Distributions Resource Center to get a general idea of the different layouts of press pieces. Taking a look at the archive of press releases is also a valuable exercise for finding fresh ways to discuss an article.

The Press Release Distribution Playbook

At each tier of service, we guarantee syndication of your material.

PR Distribution follows set rules to make sure your news has impact. Our aim is to make sure your submitted press piece  a) has reach, b) has long-lasting effect, and finally, c) gets Google's attention. We constantly work to build the relationships in our media network.


PR Distribution's network is one of the industry leaders in the range of outlets and journalists we reach. On top of that, our relationships with some of these outlets allow us to guarantee placement in their publications. At each tier of our service, there is a guaranteed set of publications that will pick up your article.

The ROI on this is exceptional, especially if you are a company just starting to enter into the SEO and media game. Think of this as building the bedrock of SEO links to your site and immediately announcing the credibility of your organization.

Long-Lasting SEO Boost

Your articles will be hosted for extended periods of time. In many cases, users will be finding your articles (and the links back to your site) for years after they're posted. This is in part because of our relationships with these outlets, and also because these outlets are established media entities.

By starting out on the right foot with the right partners, you're seeing results that will last well beyond your initial push. This is why press release distribution is one of the most cost-effective, high-ROI methods for boosting SEO: The traditional focus of press release is on the quality of the publication.

Getting Google to Pay Attention

Google and Bing are constantly changing their search algorithms. However, their core message is constant: provide content that is genuinely valuable, and we will reward you with higher placement.

When you use a service like PR Distribution, the news sites your articles are published on often get immediately picked up by Google, Bing, and Yahoo's news feeds. Not only does this signal credibility to the search engine, but also to your customers. You're effectively giving both the algorithms and your  customers exactly what they want.

Let’s Take a Look at a Case Study

Softclouds wanted to launch their software platform in a full-faceted media approach. These are the results they got from using PR Distribution’s base package.

Press release distribution allows you to reach a wide range of media outlets. (Link here.)


They received over 100 publications of their article. In fact, if you do a precise Google search for their headling “Giving Moments -- SoftClouds way of doing good by doing well!,” the results continue past the first three pages of results.


This is the type of exposure that can shortcut your SEO exposure in a very short period of time. Building this type of exposure using local content could take months or years. A press release distribution service gets your content out to Google and hundreds of news outlets in the span of weeks.

These results are from the base tier Premium Package on PR Distribution. The top tier Premium Concierge Package reliably returns numbers exceeding even that.

And the most powerful aspect of press releases may be that the awareness stacks. With multiple pieces being published every month or quarter, your website visibility will skyrocket.

How to Maximize Cheap Press Release Distribution

The rise of digital marketing actually makes press releases cheaper and more effective. The compounding effect of digital marketing really taps into the high-authority potential of press release articles.

Cheap press releases can be consistently released over a month, quarter, or even a year to compound reader attention. The key is consistency and volume. Audiences will quickly learn to associate your brand with reputable news sources.

Press Releases are Already Proven in Traditional Marketing

If your industry doesn’t rely heavily on digital marketing, press releases are one of the best ways to break into the industry media. This can be done very cheaply by targeting the right audience with your content and casting a wide net within the industry itself. All it takes is for the right industry publication to take notice.

Digital, while increasingly powerful, is not always the best way forward. As an example from within the marketing word itself, there was much fanfare over mobile users of the Internet outstripping the number of desktop users. However, the vast majority of sales in technical or commercial fields happen over desktops, because mobile devices simply can’t display the information needed to specify products. Which is to say, testing remains incredibly important in today’s marketing world.

Multiple Marketing Tactics

Blogging and Site Content

Press release distribution is one of the cheapest means of getting visitors to your local blog content. High-value news websites make for a great impact on search engine rankings. Your marketing team only needs to make sure that the press releases and your website content are topically relevant.

Local Marketing

Press releases should be timed with strong Local Marketing campaigns to drive regional exposure. As your team creates or enters local business listings, directories, and Google listings, time a series of press releases. The combination of regional publicity and online coverage will help reach new and old audiences.

Social Content: Youtube, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social content serve to keep interest from news articles going for long after the usual news cycle has moved on. More authoritative pieces on Youtube and in podcast form can be promoted or linked to from the press releases themselves.


41% of companies point to link building as the most difficult aspect of digital marketing. Everyone knows that Google highly prioritizes the presence of high-quality links. The issue being, how do you get those links in high quantity for your site?

PR Distribution is the easiest way to do this in a reliable manner. With a very minimal outlay of as low as $99, you can achieve a variety of high-quality links. The correlation of links to site traffic is directly measurable and has been quantified.


And the upshot of using press release distribution to build links is the safety of this approach.

In digital marketing terms, there are two aspects to this.

One refers to the actual overhead for your site in terms of hosting data. Because press release distribution requires virtually no local overhead, the burden that comes with hosting a large amount of data on your site is reduced to virtually zero. And while the press releases themselves can generate a very large amount of content across different media sites, your organization sees all the benefits of that with none of the downsides.

The second refers to Google’s search algorithm. In numerous well-documented cases, Google has penalized the standing of sites without warning.

Their crime? Being linked to from disreputable sites.

Rest assured that links from ABC, NBC, MSNBC, affiliates, and from Google’s services themselves, will not be penalized anytime in the foreseeable future of the Internet as we know it.

So How Do You Choose the Best Cheap Press Release Distribution Service?

If you do a casual Google search for online press release distribution services, you’ll find dozens. There are ways to weed out the pretenders and find the best press release distribution service for your needs. The most straightforward way is to look at the exposure you get from purchasing their services.

Using Google, not only can you verify that your press releases are being sent out, but you can also check the quality of the media outlets. As we mentioned, low quality outlets can actually harm your site’s standing with Google.

You Deserve the Best Results

We did some basic calculations on what to expect from some of the more visible platforms.

Looking at the cheapest packages and their average performance, we put together a quick guide. We encourage you to verify these figures.

PR Distribution’s packages start at $99 with their Premium service. As we’ve seen, this package is the best press release distribution service for getting guaranteed syndication. Your article goes out to hundreds of outlets, as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News.

The biggest news here is that you get guaranteed placement to over 10 high quality media outlets. None of the other services on this list come close to matching this in terms of value and ROI.

24-7 Press Release lists Visibility Boost at $49 as their cheapest press release package. This package gets released to only “50+ premium news sites” and with zero mention of guaranteed placement. features an unnamed package at $60 as their best-priced press release package. They syndicate to 12 total “Industry” or “Regional” outlets, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing news.

There is no guarantee on how many media outlets actually place the press release, so we ran a Google search for some of their headlines. Their average press release gets syndicated to 5 low quality websites. These sites are generally not considered real media outlets—see screenshot for proof. features their Premium package at $119 as their cheapest press release package. They claim syndication to “250+ media outlets” and have zero guaranteed placements. According to our research, their average press release gets syndicated to 30 media sites—see screenshot for proof.

PR Buzz’s defining feature used to be an “Unlimited Press Release Distribution” package at $299 per year. This package exposed as a scam here. Your press release would be posted on their site website and possibly a handful of low quality websites that they owned. As of May, 2019, it seems that this package is no longer available for order, as seen here.

In this current market, it is clear that PR Distribution is the best press release distribution service in terms of true value and results. Many return customers gravitate to PR Distribution because of the fantastic ROI we give in terms of exposure at a very reasonable price.

Get Started to Maximize Benefit

These outlets and journalists will sometimes receive your press pieces within the hour.

Getting started with press release distribution is simple. It is one of the leading ways to generate positive media exposure, and the overhead it requires is exceptionally low. This is partially thanks to the modernization of the actual newswire process, and also because, by definition, the contents of your articles are not hosted by your organization.

You can create content in-house to suit your existing strategy or use PR Distribution’s in-house press writers to craft a targeted message for your 

Services like Press Release Distribution can send your article out to hundreds of high authority outlets and thousands of journalists. These outlets and journalists will sometimes receive your press pieces within the hour. 

Critical Mass of Attention

The importance of gaining critical mass in the press is hard to overstate. Leading organizations across different industries rely on press release distribution services to push for regular mention of their companies. This snowball of awareness across readers, industry outlets, and organic SEO exposure is unstoppable with proper leverage.

And the more you consistently you generate news in the industry--and the earlier you start--the bigger the media payoff.

PR Distribution features a custom dashboard and quantitative reports to track your results. Sign in today to PR Distribution today and start building your presence in SEO and in the press.

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