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Cheap Press ReleasesA lot of people say "You get what you paid for", which applies to many things, including cheap press releases. Many people will tell you to be cautious when investing in a cheap press release, because the outcome may not be what you had in mind. Every press release distribution company on the market that offers low prices for their press release distribution services is either a scam or actually delivers.

Some press release distribution companies can completely scam you and takes your money, but delivers nothing to you. However, there are some companies that partially scams you by taking your money and putting your press release on their website. If a press release distribution company puts your press release on their website, this is not considered as a real press release distribution not are they actual results.

Another way companies can scam you is by taking your money and puts your press release on their website and along with a few other sites of their own. Again, this is not considered as a real press release distribution nor does it yield legitimate results. A very popular case that used this type of scam on clients is PR Buzz.

For press release distribution companies that actually do deliver what they set out to do for clients, they typically deliver mediocre results. They usually offer a really low price for their services and then yield average results, such as PR Web.

If you are looking for high quality press release distribution services for a low price, Press Release Jet has been said to be the best press release distribution company to deliver the max benefits to their clients. A group of independent SEOs (search engine optimizers) conducted a research study on the best press release distribution company and Press Release Jet was the #1 on their list for their incredibly low prices and high quality media outlets.

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Press Release Jet currently holds the industry's lowest rate for press release distribution to top notch media outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, CW, and many more along with the highest ROI (return-on-investment) in the press release distribution market.

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10 Simple Things To Boost Your PR in 2019

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  2. Research the Language of Your Customers
  3. Leverage Imagery for Virality
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  5. Know Journalists' Needs
  6. Strategize for Earned Media
  7. Keep Blogging
  8. Expand Your Research
  9. Stick to Facts: Counter Fake News
  10. Position Content for Outreach
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