Drones Provide Unique Views of Shipwrecks

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 09-19-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — 

Most footage of shipwrecks is shot with underwater cameras, giving a close-up look at ships in their final resting place. Now a new angle of shipwrecks is capturing the imagination of photographers all around the world.

Drones are becoming an increasingly popular way for photographers and videographers to capture footage of shipwrecks of all shapes and sizes. Examples of shipwreck drone footage can be found in a collection of aerial videos on AirVuz.com.

Not all shipwrecks are found hundreds of feet underwater. Some get stuck on sand bars or in shallow water, meaning the majority of the wreck sits above water. Those types of wrecks are ideal for drone footage, which allows videographers the opportunity to safely get close to the wreckage to capture video and photos.

Other shipwrecks sit in shallow enough water that they can be seen from above despite being submerged. Wrecks like that are an ideal scenario for a drone, which can give a better perspective than observing the shipwreck from sea level.

Naturally, shipwrecks have also become a hotspot for FPV (first-person view) drone pilots, who are constantly trying to find the newest and coolest locations for flights. The wreckage of ships provides a unique landscape for the fast-paced mini quads, though flying over water certainly takes a good amount of courage on the part of the pilot.

Both professionals and amateurs take to the waters all over the world with the hopes of finding undiscovered shipwrecks. Sometimes, those wrecks contain lost treasure or other unique items. Just as drones have increased the popularity of finding wrecks, so too have higher-quality — and more easily transportable — underwater cameras

Shipwrecks are just one of many collections within the curated the Landmarks group of drone video collections on AirVuz. Related collections within the Landmarks grouping include drone video collections of  lighthouses, seaports and canals, bridges, dams and canals and more.  Also, AirVuz maintains numerous collections grouped under the subject of Transportation; these collections include marine-related themes such as cargo ships, cruise ships, naval ships and sailboats.  

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