Social Realism painting by Czeslaw Znamierowski sold for 58,000 EUR

January 05, 2018 – A small landscape painting by a Polish-Lithuanian artist Czeslaw Znamierowski (1890–1977) is sold for 58,000 EUR at a private auction in Germany on November 15, 2017 [1]. The event was organized by Aberfeld Art Managment. Organizers reported that the buyer is an Israeli real estate developer and that there's a growing interest in this artist in Israel. [2]

Znamierowski's paintings have been steadily increasing in value and can be found in the Lithuanian Art Museum, Warsaw National Gallery, Tretyakov Gallery and other national museums in Europe. Many collectors like this artist because he saw “no boundaries between nationalities” [2,3] and though his art embodied the multicultural spirit that is so relevant today.

About Znamierowski: “Czeslaw Znamierowski (23 May 1890 – 9 August 1977) was a renowned Soviet Lithuanian painter, known for his large artworks and love of nature. Znamierowski combined these two passion to create some of the most notable paintings in the Soviet Union, earning a prestigious title of “Honorable Artist of LSSR” in 1965.” [3] His patrons were “Ferdynand Ruszczyc, Arkady Rylov, Nicholas Roerich” [3]

By Ida Mason
Art observer and critic, Germany

[1] Aberfeld Art Catalogue – Social Realism of Easter Europe, 44p., 2017, Germany.

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