$50,000 was donated downtown L.A. developer before pivotal vote involving high-rise project.

A real estate company seeking to raze a portion of the former Los Angeles Times headquarters gave $50,000 and replace it with two high-rise towers gave to a campaign committee with ties to Councilman Jose Huizar that was two months before the crucial vote was enacted on the poverty, this was also according to the recent filed contribution on records.

Some part of the group company that bought property in 2016, they made a contribution of $50,000 to the family of the late Jose Huizar. the held at least two fund-raisers featuring Huizar last year. Huizar is the person who represents downtown , in the respect of Onni on the issue, they are sending an aide to testify against monument designation for the pereira portion of the complex on Nov 27.

There are families for a better Los Angeles was formed a state political committee in December 2017 and has collected more than $290,000 so far.

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