Brazilian Model, Sunessis De Brito flaunts her flawless figure in California

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Brazilian model, Sunessis, is currently visiting friends in the United States and says to, ”be in love with California”. She recently attended a workshop in L.A, by acting coach Sal Landi. During the last few months, she was also spotted at the 2018’s Oscars and supporting her friend, designer Hannah Anhari, by making an appearance at her latest fashion show.

Who is Sunessis?

Sunessis De Brito has been in the public eye for over 16 years now; she started her career as a dancer but, was scouted early on by top agencies in São Paulo, such as BRM Modelsand Ten Management.  Throughout her modeling career she won several beauty contests, in both her native Brazil and Latin America.Shetraveled on modeling assignments to the UK, Panama and other countries.

Born in the Brazilian coastal town of Santos, it does not come as a surprise that she feels home in California, her sultry Italian-Brazilian-sun-glossed looks made her a natural choice as Ambassador to Santa Areia Bikinis.

She held the title of Miss Reef (both Brazil and International), for many years, with her alluring images glossing the leading surf brand’s calendars worldwide. 

A fan of fashion and the ocean, she also ventured herself out of the runway, launching her own Bikini collection, Pura Vida, in collaboration with the fashion label Ssoul.

In 2009 she held a spotlight role in O Melhor do Brasil(The Best of Brazil), the Brazilian equivalent of Saturday night live, a popular segment of the Brazilian television network, Record. She also starred in the TV show, She is Top, and Brazil’s Guide on the popular Rede TV Channel.

Sunessis has also blossomed as an actress, having played roles on two critically acclaimed Brazilian films:The Incredible Isaura Garcia and  I want to say Goodbye.

Her latest film project Two Lives was filmed in London and directed by Andy Amadi.In 2014Sunessis De Brito played a supporting role in the TV series,Mismatches,which were entertaining stories about young people searching for love. She played the role of Jade, the upstairs neighbor of the lead character whom she had a quick one-night affair with, after being seduced by his culinary skills.


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