Dominate Google Search Results & SEO Using Press Release Jet’s Guideline

LOS ANGELES, CA – 8/17/2018 – In this modern era where many businesses are unraveling the key to success through press releases, the industry is becoming more widespread by the day. The essential idea of getting the most success out of it is still, however, unknown to many. A free ebook is published by Press Release Jet on how can businesses Dominate Google Search Results.

Along with the free Ebook, the company shows how to get to the top of Google by using Knowledge Graph “in the news” using press releases. With press releases, companies can have their news on top of Google News as well, resulting in a higher rate of publicity. Also, using SEO backlink building, clients can get on the first page of Google, as explained in the Ebook.

With having a large number of competitors, Press Release Jet has the highest return on investment(ROI) rate in the industry. Apart from a guaranteed syndication of over 375 media outlets, releases published through them appear on top-tier media outlets like ABS, CBS, FOX, NBC and many others. It might sound costly, however, Press Release Jet charges $129 only for their Premium Pro Package that also provides customers with a comprehensive report on their press release.  

To claim a free copy of “How to Dominate Google Search Results Using Press Releases”, Click Here.

Click Here, to get more information on Press Release Jet’s services and pricing.



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