InnoSTARS Hot, New U.S. Medical Tech Winner Exciting Shot to Arm

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HOUSTON, TEXAS – 01-29-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — 

InnoSTARScrowned a hot, new medical technology winner delivering an exciting shot to the arm of the technology landscape with its breakthrough innovation gaining international attention. 

Called PharmaJet Needle-free Injectors, the Colorado-based technology uses a narrow stream of fluid which flows through the skin, without a needle, in about 1/10th of a second – a revelation to needle-adverse patients.

“Without the InnoSTARS support, we would not have nearly as many potential Chinese partners and investors interested in what PharmaJet is doing,” said PharmaJet Chief Development Officer Heather Potters. “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for companies to see other technologies in different fields that are making advances every single day and making the world a better place.”

The InnoSTARS competition, hosted by Houston-based U.S. China Innovation Alliance, is a China readiness competition.  In its third year, it has attracted about US 1,000 technology companies seeking to impress in nationwide competitions for a chance to visit China to meet face-to-face with potential partners and investors. More than 100 U.S. companies have been selected to participate in the sponsored trips to compete in additional rounds and engage in business matching meetings.  
In 2018 alone, the competition facilitated some 800 business meetings between U.S. companies and Chinese associates, some of which resulted in partnership and investment agreements.

“We strive to approach the US-China technology and innovation collaboration in a transparent manner and are honored that InnoSTARS has become a trusted bridge between the business communities in the U.S. and China,” said Min Fan, COO of the U.S. China Innovation Alliance. “InnoSTARS offers an accelerated path to China for many US companies that would otherwise not know where to start regarding entering China.”

The overall categorical winners of the 2018 InnoSTARS Grand Final in Suzhou China included:1st place to PharmaJet; 2nd place to Anuvia Plant Nutrients; 3rd place to IsoTruss; Best Business Model to VAIREX; Top Potential to PhDsoft; Audience’s favorite to Mira; and Creativity to Vitro Technology
Other contestants that qualified for the Grand final were EDP Biotech Corporation, Elsius Biomedical, SiVEC Biotechnologies, Ridgeline Therapeutics, Immunophotonics, Deep Cognition, HOOBOX Robotics, Autonomous Tractor Corporation, LuminOre CopperTouch, Soteria Battery Innovation Group, C6 Combustion Group, Alchemer, FlyGlobos and PencilDATA.
Preliminary competitions for 2019 InnoSTARS are confirmed for the following cities: March 4 – 5 in Chicago, Ill., April 25 in Denver, Colo., April 29 in Detroit, Mich., May 13 in Atlanta, Ga., May 15 in Miami, Fla., and May 16 – 17 in Houston, Texas. Competitors or judges can register here:   https://innostars2019.uschinainnovation.org/register.
The marquee event of the 2019 InnoSTARS, 2019 US China Innovation and Investment Summit, will also be held concurrently with the Houston preliminaries on May 16 – 17 in Houston, Texas.  ————————————————–About US China Innovation AllianceThe US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that promotes innovation collaboration between US and China through the annual US China Innovation & Investment Summit and the InnoSTARS Competition, which is designed to connect U.S.-based technology companies with Chinese partners, service providers, and investors.

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