Leave the Umbrella at Home Thanks to Raincard- The World's First Credit Card Sized Raincoat

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Mexico City, Mexico — 02/27/2018 Raincard, the revolutionary new credit card sized raincoat designed to fit in a wallet, is live on global crowdfunding Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

Raincard is the world's first credit card sized raincoat. Designed to easily fit in a wallet, pocket or purse, the Raincard was created to ensure users never get unexpectedly caught in the rain. Perfect for concerts, sporting events, other outdoor activities and daily commutes, the Raincard means never leaving home without protection from the rain.

“After being soaked in dozens of music festivals, sport events, outdoors excursions or simply by walking on the street, we realized that we needed to create a practical and easy to remember solution to be protected always from the rain,” says co-founder Daniel Raich. “That is why we have created 'Raincard' the first credit card sized raincoat. Designed to fit in your wallet, your pocket or anywhere!”

After developing more than 50 different prototypes, Raincard has achieved the perfect raincoat, a patent pending design that enables easy folding and packing, while remaining thin enough to easily slip in any wallet and forget that it's even there. The Raincard is the first product of its type and leaves no excuses to get soaked in the rain again.

The Raincard is also an excellent promotional product for any brand looking to make their mark because it can be easily customized with any design & logo. This makes the product perfect for sporting teams, festivals and other outdoor events looking to ensure their participants can remain dry while having a great time.

“Nobody likes to be completely soaked, no matter if you are walking to school or work, in a music festival or a football match. Raincard is the most compact solution in the world,” adds co-founder Jacobo Motola. “It was specially designed to fit in your wallet, so you don't have to worry about carrying an umbrella all day long or a giant raincoat. There are many raincoats in the world, but none is as compact as Raincard.”

The Raincard is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2oyJeub

About Raincard
Raincard is a company based in Mexico City dedicated to the design & manufacture of the first credit card size raincoat. Designed to fit in your wallet, your pocket or anywhere! The founders Daniel Raich and Jacobo Motola have the innovation in their DNA and always look for simple & innovative solutions to the daily problems such as the rain.

For more information on Raincard please visit https://www.raincard.mx.