Litecoin, Ethereum And Ripple Have Arrived On Bloomberg Terminals

Bloomberg the Financial data firm has added three new crypto-currencies – Ripple (XRP), Litecoin and Ethereum (ether) with Bitcoin on its Terminal service.

The reports of Fortune said the addition of the new price data is focused at Forex traders wanting to explore the new instruments in the market

Suggestions have also been made that the terminal data on Bloomberg for the new crypto-currencies are provided by Bitstamp, which is the Luxembourg-based exchange.

In April 2014, Bloomberg began the Bitcoin prices to its Professional service of Bloomberg, and in June in the same year it was coming out that the data was being sourced from the itBit exchange.

This move happened amid a sharp increase in the prices of many alternative Altcoins or crypto-currencies, along with the spike in the prices of Bitcoin. Just yesterday, XRP token of Ripple gushed to a new record which is close to 90 cents, while Litecoin and ether both hit new highs in the past week.

The terminal of Bloomberg provides subscribers with real-time financial data, and let them to put trades over an electronic trading platform (ETP). This system also features messaging and news options, which is fascinating.

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