MyHomeCoin announces the release of first website where people can buy Swiss houses and other goods via XRP and Cryptocurrency

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Ripple XRP is one of the most popular B2B trading coins currently, facilitating purchases and providing enhanced payment security. MyHomeCoin is the first website of its kind that links the traditional economy and the new blockchain economy by simultaneously displaying price for anything that can be legally traded.

MyHomeCoin has been released as a portal where people can buy and sell houses and other novelty items connecting the 2 World’s Flat Currency and crypto currency, with the prices being shown in USD, EUR, CNY, XRP, BTC and more.

Ripple XRP represents one of the easiest to acquire and most scalable blockchain asset, which facilitates trading relationships between companies and users. The transaction speed and conversion to USD/EUR can be completed in less than 1 minute, thus making it the best alternative to SWIFT. This is the reason why even the main banks work with Ripple, since they can easily propose it to client due to its efficiency and transfer speeds.

Additionally, other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) can be used for purchasing properties (chalets) and other goods. All tradings are secure and the payment transfer can be completed extremely fast, usually in just couple of minutes. There will also be no taxes for those who choose to pay in crypto-currency.

MyHomeCoin is a website where people can buy and sell houses, cars and anything which can be legally traded via Ripple XRP, BTC and similar crypto-coins. The properties or other goods benefit from a detailed description of location and features. A legal contract which includes notaries, lawyers and others will also be signed before the actual property is sold, which follows the national standard sales procedure and protects both parties from inconveniences.

Anyone, regardless of the country of birth or residence, can buy and sell houses, chalets, cars and other goods via MyHomeCoin. This includes countries such as China, Korea, Switzerland and all other continents. Ripple XRP is available for all countries without restrictions.

For the launch of MyHomeCoin, a partnership with a Swiss real estate agency has been completed, so the website now features 8 New Swiss Properties. One of the main benefits of purchasing one of these 8 Swiss homes, or chalets, via MyHomeCoin is the Permit Residence which accompanies these offers. Such permit enables buyers to move and live in Switzerland with just a passport, eliminating the need for a visa or other long-term formalities. A Swiss Permit Residence also enables people to apply for Swiss citizenship, thus being qualified for dual-citizenship and being able to rejoice from most of all or the benefits of Swiss-born people. This applies for buyers regardless of the country of birth or residence. XRP is the main coin used for trading on the website.

MyHomeCoin is permanently extending in the real estate domain by leveraging the option of buying and selling properties via Ripple XRP, LTC, ETH and similar Crpyto-coins. All transactions are secure, legal and transparent as depicted in the contract.

In 2018, MyHomeCoin has the aim of becoming the first classified platform based on crypto-currency trading for various goods including luxury houses, second-hand luxury watches, mobile goods including Samsung S9 and more.

About MyHomeCoin

MyHomeCoin is a company founded in 2017. It comes with a complex legal basis and various benefits for buyers and sellers alike. The web portal guarantees complete security and confidentiality, while Bitcoin and the related crypto-currency enables the buyer to be exempt from taxes. The website is also ready to receive advertisements from sellers. More details can be discovered on!

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