New Training School For A Los Angeles Football Club

It is just couples of weeks into the new soccer season and the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has moved into a new training facility.

From now on, the LAFC team will be training at the Cal State Los Angeles. This will be the new headquarters of LAFC coaches, players and staff. The Cal State Los Angeles will also be hosting the LAFC Academy.

Tyler Miller, the goalkeeper of the Los Angeles Football Club, said that the new sprawling 30,000 square-foot training facility offers all that a professional soccer player needs. The architecture and the thought behind the structure have really impressed him.

The new facility was set up on a budget of $30 million. Gensler sports funded it. This is the firm that also looked into the Bank of California Stadium. The plan for the new facility was approved by the CSU in May last year. It took just 10 months to build this wonderful LAFC facility.

The football club has committed $1.6 million to the university as part of the deal between the club and the Cal State LA. The university’s track and field stadium renovation are also included in this deal.

The LAFC club President Tom Penn said that the new performance facility will help in developing the players and coaches.

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