Nurali Aliyev working towards creating an IT-forward Kazakhstan

An IT enthusiast, Nurali Aliyev is working vehemently towards creating an IT- forward Kazakhstan.

The entrepreneur is contributing to the cause through his business ventures Transtelecom, and his charity foundation Zhanartu.

Transtelecom JSC is one of the Kazakhstan’s largest communication operators that provide a wide range of information and telecommunication services and IT-solutions. Ever since its inception, the company has been creating and developing smart digital solutions, introducing the best high-tech innovations and modernizing communication facilities throughout the country.

The company also implements projects in cyber security, and has created a new digital security model based on the mature SIEM technology and was the first company in Kazakhstan that created the SOC Information Security Monitoring Centre.

“One of the company’s (Transtelecom’s) main missions is to create comfortable and modern conditions for all residents of Kazakhstan. To fulfil this, Transtelecom will provide super-fast Internet connectivity to the most remote areas of the country. A key factor for the company's success will be a dignified entry in the international market,” highlighted Nurali Aliyev during an interview.

During the recent Astana Expo 2017, Transtelecom JSC, presented its corporate pavilion at the International specialized exhibition. The organizers of the corporate pavilion presented visitors the communications history and technologies from the ancient times to the present day and revealed the company's plans for the future.
Transtelecom is changing its development strategy in accordance with which the company will focus more on provision of an extensive and expanded range of IT services to the corporate and public sectors. The company will introduce advanced innovative IT solutions using its own infrastructure.

To further cement Kazakhstan’s position as a budding tech-market, Nurali Aliyev visited Belarus’ Hi Tech IT Park, and met its Director Vsevolod Yanchevsky. He also met Chinese IT billionaire and founder of Giant Interactive Company, Shi Yuzhu, among other stakeholders of major IT companies from the Asian-Pacific region. During their meeting, the tech giants discussed promising Belarusian projects in the sphere of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and machine vision.

“The Belarus High-tech Park is one of the largest innovation clusters in CIS, and present all over the world. Mobile applications developed by Park companies have over 1 billion users in 193 countries. This is a definite indicator of professional excellence and progressive IT and innovation development of our Belarusian colleagues,” concluded Nurali Aliyev at the end of his business trip.

The ace businessman’s support for the nascent IT industry in Kazakhstan doesn’t end here. Along with his other half Aida Aliyeva, he has founded Zhanartu Foundation with the aim of encouraging young and passionate entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem of Kazakhstan to partake in IT advancement. The Astana-based Charity Fund is financially supporting IT talent across Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh businessman feels that in the time of worldwide growth, it is of utmost importance for Kazakhstan to encourage the innovative Kazakh youth. “Youngsters are looking to start their own ventures, and we should be promoting that as an investment for the future,” he said.

Through the initiatives taken by Nurali Aliyev, the IT scenario in Kazakhstan is bound to be benefitted.

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