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– The Technology, Team, Token Model, Community And Regulatory Measures You Need To Know About ICOs Now –

Investors must dig into the team, the technology, the token model, the community and the governance before they consider buying the token.”

— Jed Grant

LONDON, UK, November 20, 2017 — Jed Grant, blockchain-focused regulatory compliance thought leader & CEO of KYC3 & Peer Mountain, a blockchain-agnostic decentralized identity platform has today released a framework for ICO investors to perform extensive due diligence.

Organizations have raised more than $1.8 billion through initial coin offerings (ICO) since January 2017, and it’s becoming increasingly important for industry leaders and policymakers to understand the ICO economic and regulatory landscape. The lack of regulation and control around this form of fundraising is risky for consumers, especially as the ICO model begins to attract mainstream retail investors.

Mr. Grant joined an elite group of signatories to the ICO Charter and is active in several formal and informal ICO and token governance initiatives, has spent several months speaking with developers, regulators, lawyers, entrepreneurs and investors to form what he describes as the Ultimate ICO Investor Framework.

“Within the framework, investors must dig into the team, the technology, the token model, the community and the governance before they consider buying the token. Each element is essential, and must have the capacity to support the promises of the project,” advises Mr. Grant.

Mr. Grant’s extensive research revealed that most investors forget to ask “What is the Forking Policy?”, among other aspects. Forking is a form of hidden token issuance with potentially bad ramifications and most token projects don’t address the issue until it becomes a reality.

As token buyers are becoming more cautious about buying and trading ICO tokens, Mr. Grant urges “the cryptocurrency community to go to great lengths to self-regulate token sales and conduct due diligence on behalf of the public.”

Nasir Zubairi, CEO at The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation, commented: “There are no standards for due diligence in the ICO market but the risks are very real. Best practices can be derived from early stage venture investing and this is evidenced in the T3CG framework. A fantastic initiative by Peer Mountain to help investors in the broader market access this growing asset class.”


About Peer Mountain
Peer Mountain is a blockchain-based software platform focused on giving individuals secure ownership of their personal data. It’s the world's first peer-to-peer self-sovereign identity, compliance and commerce delivery solution, empowering consumers with ownership of their data and control over who they trust to access it without the need for third party involvement. The company has recently launched from stealth mode developed the platform in conjunction with a major Swiss financial institution.

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