234 Social Net Launches Exclusive Dating Network for Millennials

BIRMINGHAM, AL – 11-01-2018 (PRDistribution.com) —

234 Social Net LLC launched a new, exciting online dating network, with a concept totally different from other dating website networks and gained over 500,000 users since its release date on October 12th.

Despite the traditional advice that the internet is not a good place to meet new people, 234 Social Net comes with a well thought and meticulously planned idea and the mission to ensure a fun life that’s entertaining, educational and enlightening. They are focused on social dating for millennials all over the world, giving them the opportunity to meet, socialize and entertain at the same time.

Whether you are single or shy, introvert or funny, this is a place ideal for finding a soulmate, a new friend, or travel companion. 234 Social Net is a network that caters to your specific needs, not to mention long-term relationships or happily married couples. This is also a place to meet new people, hang out, join travel groups, unlike classic dating websites. What makes this site different is that it is a social network combined with a dating website. Without any unpleasant questions and rush for the first date, you will learn about someone by their wall posts, music, videos and you can even video chat which is normally not available on traditional dating websites. In that way, you can look for people who share genuine similarities with you and start communication.

The first date could be exciting and start of something truly great. Before it happens, there are many questions such as how to ask for a first date, what to say and not to say, what to wear, where should we go for a successful date, and so on. But – what is most important is to have fun. 234 Social Net is here to make it happen! To add to the excitement, 234 Social Net is offering for select premium members vacation packages to 12 US and Mexico destinations during the month of November.  

Of course, the majority of millennials interact more through phones and apps, so the mobile application will be released in late November 2018.

Welcome to the best place to have fun, socialize and meet people online. 234 Social Net will help you easily gain new acquaintances, friends, and relationships.

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