Dating App Prospr for Fortune 500 professionals reaches mark of 30,000 applicants a day

MENLO PARK, CA – 03-07-2019 ( —

The Prospr Dating App reports 60% of its users are in senior management positions and 83% of all community members hold a Bachelor degree or higher. This makes Prospr the go-to platform for all driven singles looking for their next date.

 Already thousands of singles have joined Prospr, the Dating App known for only allowing Fortune 500 professionals and equally qualified singles access to its community. ‘A team at Prospr will review new applicants before they are allowed access to our community. From our recent sign-ups we can share that only 10% of all people creating an account on Prospr meet our requirements and will be granted access to our platform,’ says Niels Niethammer, spokesman of Prospr. ‘The strong interest in Prospr reflects people’s need for a dating service what makes user-quality a number one priority. Existing dating services such as The League, Bumble or The Inner Circle are focusing more on revenue optimization than their actual product.’In a first platform analyzation since its launch, Prospr unveils that 60% of its users hold positions in senior management. The top 5 job roles for Prospr users are engineers, lawyers, sales managers, entrepreneurs and business owners. Professionals of this kind usually have limited time and appreciate Prospr’s approach of ensuring its members quality and intentions in meeting someone before they are allowed to use their service. Especially people with high education can one expect to find on Prospr. 85% of all woman and 78% of all men hold a Bachelor Degree or higher. However, Prospr underlines that holding a certain kind of degree or occupation is not the sole criteria for getting accepted. Interested singles can sign up with LinkedIn, Facebook or Email. Connecting LinkedIn to your profile is not only increasing chances of passing the review since the Prospr staff will be able to verify the applicant’s authenticity but also prevents that your professional network such as co-workers find you on Prospr’s platform. If you have been disappointed by dating services before, you can be assured that on Prospr all users are hand-picked and real. ‘With Prospr, people have finally the possibility to connect on a platform where every individual is outstanding in what he or she is doing. Our users don’t have to search the needle in a haystack, every profile on Prospr is worth taking a closer look at. Prospr’s prime admission point is genuine authenticity of a profile. We are inviting every passionate single to apply for a free membership.’  Prospr founder Jimmy Mee 

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