Diversity Recruiter Writes ‘Careerismo’ To Minimize Gender Bias in the Workplace Book Builds Time-to-Fluency Model Undeveloped In Women’s Careers Free Book Downloads On International Women’s Day

Park City, Utah – 03-01-2019 (PRDistribution.com) —

Diversity Recruiter Writes ‘Careerismo’ To Minimize Gender Bias in the Workplace Book Builds Time-to-Fluency Model Undeveloped In Women’s Careers Free Book Downloads Celebrate International Women’s Day On March 9 Park City, Utah — March 1, 2019–Gregor Eisenbarth, a diversity recruiter for several top universities, today released a new book on career starts exclusively for women called “Careerismo.” The guidebook, designed for women who recently graduated college (or will soon) and are now entering the workforce, covers a range of career-related topics, including how to: + Conduct a qualified job search few applicants know about or can equal. + Combine skills and interests with job paths to direct flexible careers. + Extend who and what women know to benefit from building career relationships. Eisenbarth, who has recruited for more than 130 schools, including NYU, USC, Georgetown, and the universities of Florida and Texas, believes women represent the educated workforce. However, they still face challenges of gender bias and economic imbalances. “Most women want their lives to include a career and they plan for it,” Eisenbarth said. “In a knowledge-based economy, where nine out of 10 future jobs require a college degree, the days of educators and employers treating women as a minority should be over.” According to the National Center of Education Statistics, 280,000 more women than men graduate college each year. However, while more women are getting college degrees, they also lag behind in wages, receiving just 80 percent of what men are paid for equivalent jobs (according to The Atlantic). Research from Catalyst, an organization that helps companies develop diverse workforces, also shows that women hold just 35 percent of management positions in S&P 500 companies. The bottom line is, economic gains in women’s careers are not following achievements made in education. University of California President Janet Napolitano recently wrote about women earning more education but less money in Forbes, saying, “First jobs right out of college are critical to setting the stage for women’s future earning power.” According to Eisenbarth, the unequal pay problem continues, in part, because there are a shortage of resources available to help educated women take the defining next step of starting their careers. “This leads to underemployment where women lose earnings power, time and progression in a career, not to mention confidence,” he added. “The ground that’s lost is hard to recover and make up in what is, for women, a more compressed span of their careers.” “Careerismo” was written to close the gap between education and careers for more women. Free downloads of the book are available on March 9 to commemorate International Women’s Day 2019 at http://www.careerismo.com. About Gregor Eisenbarth Gregor Eisenbarth is a diversity recruiter for many of the top 50 public and private MBA schools, including UCLA, Duke, MIT, Cornell, Rice and Vanderbilt. He has also helped organizations such as General Electric and GlaxoSmithKline develop the careers of key employees identified as having high-potential talent. More information about Eisenbarth and his book, “Careerismo.” are available at http://www.careerismo.com.

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