From Stage and Screen To Building Up Chicago’s Neighborhoods, Actor Colin Egglesfield Joins Cobblestone Realty

United States, Illinois, Chicago – 05-30-2019 ( —

He has played Erica Kane’s son on “All My Children” and shared the screen with Kate Hudson, Gary Oldman, Sylvester Stallone and Andy Garcia. Yet the role that actor Colin Egglesfield may be most proud of is the one that brought him home to Chicago to help revitalize neighborhoods on the city’s south side, which he’s proud to continue as he joins Cobblestone Realty Group.

“Chicago is actually where I started to realize my dream before I even knew what that dream was,” says Egglesfield. “I just entered a model search event on a whim and before I knew it, I found myself walking on a runway for Calvin Klein, Versace and Armani. I never expected to have that translate into a career in acting on TV and movies. That’s why I think it’s so important to find ways to lift others up and help them find that unique moment of opportunity, so they can discover their life’s greatest purpose.”For Egglesfield, this sense of fulfillment in helping others came not from acting and modeling but from another unlikely place – real estate development, as he began rehabbing properties on Chicago’s south side through his own real estate investment company. Now, as he joins the team at Cobblestone Realty, Egglesfield is clearly a man on a mission to create powerful change in disadvantaged neighborhoods with a wealth of additional resources behind him. In addition to its real estate arm, Cobblestone has a property development component and a construction firm – all under one umbrella.“I was drawn to Cobblestone because I believe this company can get so much more done for people at every phase beyond traditional buying and selling,” says Egglesfield. “No matter what kind of real estate transaction it is, whether that’s a rehab or building a property from the ground up, you’ve got three partners working together as one cohesive unit to maintain momentum. And in the big picture, we have huge potential to transform underserved communities across Chicago in a number of really positive ways.”Egglesfield plans on continuing to work closely with local community leaders and giving motivational talks at schools based on his experience of ‘Beating the Odds’ to find success in acting, modeling and now, real estate. Cobblestone RealtyWhat if you could actually bring together a real estate company, a property developer and a construction firm that also provides property maintenance services? We have. Meet the all-in-one solution for efficiently handling every moving part of the real estate transaction, from start to finish: Cobblestone Realty. Along with Park Place Property Group and Compass Creations, we’re the turnkey solution for real estate investors, buyers and sellers who need an entire system for ensuring their investment grows and matures. Whether it’s a single family home, commercial build-out, multi-unit rehab, interior or exterior remodel or any other type of real estate project, there’s only one call to make to receive so much value in return – talk to Cobblestone Realty today at 847.906.3352 or email [email protected].

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