How PRWeb Press Release Distribution Works: Truth Revealed

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Press release distribution

 is an essential and one of the most effective tools in the digital market that can boost up the client outreach of a business. Nowadays, the internet is filled with press release distribution services that make a lot of big promises and providing the clients with an empty pocket by not being able to keep their word.

Since 1997, PRWeb has been a widely recognized company in the industry that provides press release distribution service. Where some of its competitors are offering help with press release writing services as well, PRWeb solely focuses on distribution services.

After writing their own press releases, customers have to open an account before they can select what kind of distribution they want. They can choose from four different distribution plans offered by PRWeb that costs $99 – $389, depending on the plan of choice. The most valued PRWeb Premium Distribution promises that it will make a press release “Go Viral”, without sharing any information about their media distribution network. This might raise some doubts because making a news viral is not an easy task and it makes it harder to have faith in PRWeb where the customers are unaware of where their press releases might publish.

In order to see how does PRWeb work, a research was conducted on many of their recently distributed press releases. The outcome of the research is rather disappointing and not in accordance with the longstanding reputation that PRWeb has. It appears that the only real placement their clients get is in the News section by PRWeb, and some poor quality website seems to publish them as well, although even they are less than 10 in number. Here are some screenshots of PRWeb Press Releases and Google searches conducted with the headlines:

For the most satisfying and effective press release distribution service is who offers single distribution within $69 – $299. Their Premium Plan, being the cheapest, guarantees distribution to over 250 media outlets. The other distribution plan distributes to top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and Bloomberg. Also, regardless of the plan chosen, there is Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion with every press release. Here is the screenshot of what Google showed after a similar search conducted on a press release:

It’s clear now that PRWeb is not providing distribution service as they promise, they can only last a lifetime, while their customers are paying such a high price for almost next to nothing in return.

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