International Gay Rodeo Association on 4-H withdrawal of LGBT policy.

DENVER, CO – 12-06-2018 ( —

The international 4-H youth organization, with more than 6 million members, introduced a new policy to ensure LGBTQ members felt protected by their local 4-H program. Their attempt was to broaden membership from the LGBTQ community and was a smaller part of a larger, multi-year effort to modernize the federally authorized group.


The Trump-Pence Administration pushed the national 4-H youth organization to withdraw their policy on welcoming LGBTQ members—a move that lead to the ousting of Iowa’s top 4-H Director, John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas, who vigorously defending the LGBTQ-inclusive policy.

All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.   – Andreja Pejic


The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) stands in direct opposition to this unnecessary and cruel attack on LGBTQ youth.  “Now is the time for humanity to work together to honor all of our diverse families and communities that make up the fabric of America,” suggested Candy Pratt, IGRA President.
“I grew up in 4-H. It’s unconscionable that our nation’s leaders would seek to make LGBTQ kids feel unwelcome, as removing this policy clearly does.”


The 4-H policy stated:

“The 4-H Program is committed to being inclusive and welcoming of all forms of diversity… These guidelines shall serve as guidance for all members of 4-H communities, including staff, faculty, youth members, adult volunteers, families and other community members.”


The International Gay Rodeo Association® (IGRA), has officially been ropin’ and ridin’ since 1985 and currently has over 3,500 members in 20 local associations around North America. We are the largest organization in the world coordinating rodeo events specifically welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, as well as the allied community, participants and spectators.

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