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Namrr today released a free U.S. trademark search engine, an entirely new service designed for businesses and entrepreneurs to study existing U.S. federal trademarks for new business, product, and service brand development. Businesses can use the search results to research potential trademarks that can be distinguished from the market.

Namrr’s proprietary decision-making algorithm orders the results to first display live trademarks, pending trademark applications, and then dead trademarks and applications. Each subgroup is ordered by tokenized similarity and an edit distance similarity percentage is displayed to help determine uniqueness of the query from the existing trademarks. With the displayed international classes, entrepreneurs can determine whether the goods or services of the results allow room to file for federal protection.“Namrr gives entrepreneurs the tools to research the viability of protecting a new brand,” said Jeremy Maynard, creator of Namrr. Jeremy Maynard relied on his experience as an intellectual property attorney in developing the search algorithm. “Starting a trademark application through Namrr allows a request for attorney review for conflicts, completeness, and maximization of protection. Not only are there upfront cost savings by performing the search first, requesting attorney review may avoid costs during prosecution and beyond. Namrr users can get the best of both worlds with the online search engine and attorney review.”
About NamrrNamrr’s free search engine is used by entrepreneurs and businesses to research and distinguish new ideas for strong brand development. Namrr’s database includes millions of U.S. federal trademarks and applications filed since 1884. Namrr provides access to attorney reviewed U.S. trademark application filing for maximized scope of protection.

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