Presidential Candidate Mohamed Ould Ghazouani Will Bring a True Democracy , Peace , Security, and Economic Stability to Mauritania

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Next month, the people of Mauritania will celebrate a landmark in the history of their country. On June 22 2019, every citizen can exercise the privilege to vote in the nation’s third free election since the election of the outgoing President Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz in 2009, who I salute for his leadership and wisdom, Along with the hundred thousands who support free enterprise and peace in Mauritania.

I urge you to join me in favor of the only candidate who has proven that he can bring prosperity, vision, and democracy to the region: Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed Ould El Ghazouani . In his four decades of public service, Mr. Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani, an experienced leader and an unwavering advocate for peace and justice in Mauritania, has demonstrated his ability to lead his country toward economic solvency, and security. His impressive credentials underscore his strong  candidacy: From 1981 to 1985 Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed Ould El Ghazouani served as the Commander of Infantry Platoon in Military Region Zone 2&3 in Mauritania, followed by his role as an Assistant Commander of the Battalion 41- – – – the head Command and Service Battalion from 1985-1987. In addition, between 1987- 1989, he served as the Military Private Guard for the President, and from 1989 – 1991, as the head Command and Service Battalion in the Army. From 1991 – 2004, he worked as the head director of the Second Office in Joint Chiefs of Staffs in the Ministry of Defense. From 2004- 2005, he served as the head of Military Intelligence in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs. In 2005 – 2008, he became the National Director of the Police; in addition, of the head of the national Police he was a member of Military Council for Justice and Democracy. From 2009 – 2013 he served as the President of the Council of Defense and the Chef Staff of the Army. From 2013 – 2018 he became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs, and in November 2018 – – March 2019 he served as the Secretary of Defense in Mauritania. In early March 2019, he resigns from the ministry of defense to run for the office of the president in the upcoming presidential election. Today he is “the most important candidate “ after certification by the national constitution council for all the candidates , Mr Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani has proven that he is prepared to lead Mauritania toward the dawn of powerful democracy . In fact, of the candidates who seek the office of the president in the upcoming election, Mr. Ould El Ghazouani is by far the most qualified – – – and the most concerned with bringing a true democracy, development, and justice to Mauritania. To the end Mr. Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani is only credible, pro human rights leader who has an outstanding record for fighting for justice and equality in Mauritania.  That is exactly why Mr. Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani has already garnered the support and respect of leaders, both in Mauritania and around the world. Most importantly, Mr. Mohamed Ould  El Ghazouani represents a significant new  era in the history of Mauritania: He is the new face of a true democracy, peace,  and economic growth. He will be an effective partner to the United States in fighting the war on terrorism; because of his long-standing military experience, he will bring American investments and free trade that will stabilize Mauritania, and the West Africa Region. No other candidate will play a more important role in instating democratic ideas that will eventually lead to the development of Mauritania and its neighboring countries. I assure you that if Mr. Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani is elected next month, the United States will gain its strongest ally yet in the region. I hope I can count on you to support his candidacy

For more information on Mr. Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani’s campaign, please contact Moctar Ould Cheine at +1-917 -285-1303 & WhatsApp Phone Number: +222 48 33 92 90 – E-mail: [email protected] ,

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Moctar Ould Cheine is a Mauritanian Human Right Advocate

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