TARR TAPE makes it easy to repair driveways and roofs simply by putting on a bandage

Arcadia California, United States – 03-06-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — 

The pavement and roof repair markets can finally dress their wounds without help from professionals. Pavemade’s latest innovation TARR TAPE makes it possible for homeowners to apply an adhesive asphaltic tape to cracks in asphalt concrete driveways and leaky roofs in just minutes. 


Shelly McAdam, CEO of Pavemade, has once again made it simple and fast for property owners of all types to retain the maximum value in their properties by healing any damage as soon as it occurs. It may not be common knowledge but tar and asphalt are the result of similar organic processes and have similar characteristics. The idea that tar is used on roofs and asphalt on roads is outdated as having the doctor dress your wounds.

As Shelly McAdam has stated “You don’t use one kind of bandage for a cut on your foot and another for a cut on your head. But don’t tell that to the road and roof maintenance industries, they keep consumers and pros confused so they can sell them the same product in a different wrapper. The roof repair racket is especially egregious as it scares consumers with artificially high repair-cost estimates. TARR TAPE is all you need.”


The biggest threat to your home or driveway is the “universal solvent” also known as water. Failure to spend $1 today in driveway repair typically results in $7 of cost five years later. If you delay until alligator cracks cover your driveway your rebuilding costs will be 14 times your repair costs. As soon as water gets into a cracked driveway or a leaky roof the damage is going to get worse. This is why it’s so important to perform “just in time sealing”. Imagine every time you had a cut you had to see a doctor to dress your wounds. Your wound would get infected before seeing the doc. Before the first adhesive bandage was introduced this was life for you and me, and sadly it still is for cracked driveways and leaky roofs. The average cost to repair a water damaged home is $6,965. Don’t wait for the contractor to show up, take immediate action to limit the damage by using TARR TAPE to waterproof and seal.


If water doesn’t concern you, then trip-and-fall accidents should, they are a large part of what constitutes premises liability lawsuits, an area of personal injury law that keeps lawyers paid and insurance companies dodging. Both public and private properties are subject to lawsuits that claim the property owner failed to uphold a “standard of care” in maintaining walkways, driveways and parking lots in their charge. If you think your insurance policy has you covered, think again: cracks that pop-up overnight are considered the fault of the policyholder. If a crack is allowed to persist, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Just in time sealing with TARR TAPE will do more for you and your cracked driveway than your insurance policy will.

We’ve come to believe that there’s little we can do ourselves to care for our roads and roofs, and we end up paying for it. Pavemade’s mission is to empower individual property owners to act quickly and with ease in protecting the value in their property.

As Shelly McAdam has stated “What’s the cost of fixing a pothole? $6.1 million is how much the city of Los Angeles will have to pay a motorcyclist who crashed due to negligent maintenance of their roads. Do you want to gamble like that with every crack and pothole you have? This is something every city, school district, church, and private property owner needs to contend with.”

How does TARR TAPE work? If you have ever used an adhesive bandage you will know how to use TARR TAPE. Simply peel the non-stick backing from the tape and adhere it to road surface or roof. The next step is to use direct fire from a butane or propane torch to melt the asphaltic tape in place. The rubberized asphalt that makes up the TARR TAPE melts into the cracks and bonds directly with the cracks to seal out any moister, hence preventing water damage. When it comes to road and roof repair direct fire provides the strongest bonding force to your existing road or roof surface. You will find many chemical based adhesive tapes but chemicals don’t provide the same asphalt to asphalt bonding that direct fire provides. We also recommend pre-heating cracks or roof leaks to rid of moisture absorbed by cracks and provide a perfect bond between the TARR TAPE and the existing cracks.


Key Points:

Fast and simple application

Limit water damage immediately

Lower your risk of a trip-fall lawsuit

Asphaltic to asphaltic or concrete bond

DIY road and roof maintenance

TARR TAPE comes in 2’’ width and 50’ lengths.


For media inquiries, please visit www.pavemade.com/mediaroom for immediate download of Pavemade’s media kit.



Pavemade Technologies provides innovative and quality pavement repair maintenance solutions. Whether you are a professional contractor, property manager, or a homeowner we manufacture the machines and supplies so you can maintain world-class roadways. Pavemade is a 20 year old privately held manufacturer headquartered in Arcadia, California.

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Website: www.pavemade.com

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