$3 million raised during the first 24 hours of Initial Coin Offering, pushes YPTOSPACE forward!

In the drive to become a mainstream universal cryptocurrency platform, the YPTOspacedevelopers are over the moon about the incredible investor response to the ICO.

The YPTOcoin was offered on Monday 25th March at the initial price of $0.01 per coin and the overwhelming response people in Turkey, Estonia, Russia, India, Vietnam, Ukraine, France, Germany, and South Korea pushed the boundaries completely. The early goals of raising $1 million on the first day of ICO were blown entirely out of the water.


YPTOspace CEO, Gregory Stoos, said that he had to jump into the hot seat to answer calls from all over the world and users were coming from every lifestyle – not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is precisely what he set out to do when he started the vision of making a platform that can take care of multiple financial functions for mainstream users and professional traders alike.


The primary function of YPTOspace is to break the bridge that exists between traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency. Customers use YPTOcoins to pay for goods and services in online stores, sports betting and casinos, cryptocurrency trading exchanges. The YPTOcoin can be exchanged for other crypto coins or fiat currency, and the payee receives in any currency.


In recent conversations with crypto gurus, YPTOspace game out in the top ten most promising platforms for 2019. For new YPTOspace users, this type of affirmation is a fantastic boost to their investment. As we all know, market support and trading exchange leverage determines the value of crypto coins; the more support, the higher the value!


The investment in YPTOspace by new users from around the globe is a fantastic boost for everyone who will make YPTOspace their home for financial services.

During the coming 12 months, many products and cryptocurrency tools integrated to accommodate everyday life for YPTOspace users:

• pay instantly in any currency – fiat or crypto  

• automated trading bots and crypto exchange with the lowest fees in the market,

• affiliate program where up to 28% of company profits will go to affiliate rewards,

• crypto chat and news are giving customers information on cryptocurrency trends and insider knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Gregory Stoos, CEO said on Tuesday; “YPTOspace ICO had an amazing start; my sincere thanks to all the people around the world who have responded to our project investment appeal. The money raised in the ICO is validation that what we set out as a dream will become a reality; we will bring cryptocurrency to mainstream worldwide. With more investment and customer patronage during the entire ICO Phase over the next four weeks, we can achieve our goals to be the best multipurpose cryptocurrency platform in the world.”


Phase Two of the YPTOSPACE ICO began midday 1 APRIL 2019 with YPTOCoin price of $0.02 – Registration is free. Customer advice: register well in advance due to the overwhelming support and interest that could cause delays with the two-factor verification process.

Editor’s Notes: More information about YPTOspace: Website: https://www.ypto.space | Email: [email protected]

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Company Name: YPTOspace
Full Name: Ana Lídia Almeida
Phone: +351 910 180 478
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.ypto.space

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